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Summit Diary of a Tea Party Patriot

Editor: Peg Brady of Centennial, Colorado, a tireless grassroots worker for constitutional government and conservative reform, is first to file again this year, as she was in 2010, with a comprehensive journal of key points and memorable moments from the 19 hours of programming at Western Conservative Summit 2011. If a comparison with James Madison’s meticulous and indispensable journal of the 1787 Philadelphia Convention would be too lofty, Continue reading

No ‘czars’ needed, thank you

(’76 Contributor) In the June 2011 issue of Natural History, Stanford University biology professor Deborah Gordon explains, “Ant colonies work without central control … No ant gives instructions to another, or decides for another what needs to be done … Without anyone in charge, colonies respond effectively to a changing world. Stuff happens to an ant colony … and the colony reacts by adjusting … An ant makes moment-to-moment decisions …” Continue reading

Religious freedom at Ground Zero? Show us

(’76 Contributor) We have been repeatedly and forcefully instructed to believe that, when the Left expounds the Muslims’ right to build a mosque near Ground Zero, it’s only about religious freedom. Those who want to build that mosque really don’t seek to offend Americans nor to hurt the families of the thousands whom their Muslim brethren murdered there only nine years ago. It’s only about religious freedom, see.

Okay, then I have a suggestion. To demonstrate their dedication to religious freedom, perhaps those mosque-builders could instead erect a non-denominational shrine where worshippers of all religions could celebrate their faith Muslims, Jews, Christians, Unitarian/Universalists, Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, Sikhs, Taoists, Animists, Nihilists (do Nihilists celebrate?), everyone.

How about it, guys? What could more wholeheartedly reflect your fervor for religious freedom? Show us.

Beware the false helpers who harm us all

Faced with another fellow’s misfortune, some genuinely yearn to help. Some believe that they do, although they may not acknowledge a less honorable motive, not even to themselves. Some witting or not truly seek either ego-strokes or control or both.

A profoundly significant difference delineates the truly humane helper from the self-serving one: their objective—for the genuine helper, a beneficiary; for the others, power. But determining the subtle distinction requires seeing beneath their surface similarity. Continue reading

Give ‘em 219 pink slips

On Sunday, 219 of our supposed Congressional “representatives” approved Obamacare. This so-called health-reform bill, costing nearly a trillion dollars, commits us to a yet more devastating deficit.

Cobbled together with undisclosed, unintegrated special-interest deals, the only people whose wishes it does not address are thetax-payers. You and I just get to pay. Continue reading

‘Taxed Enough Already’ rally on 3/10 points toward 4/15

Several hundred Coloradans gathered yesterday at the state capitol to remind our government officials that we pay the bills. Sponsored by a coalition of independent but like-minded organizations, including the Independence Institute, the rally vigorously reasserted our role as citizen-leaders.

Important points were addressed. Paramount were these messages to our state and federal legislators: Stop irresponsible spending and uphold the values of the citizens you represent. We don’t want Obamacare. We don’t want nannyism. We don’t want economy-crippling taxes and regulation. Continue reading

Let’s stop warping words

(’76 Contributor) Rhetoric often manipulates our understanding through bias-laden misuse of language. We all have encountered this. “Progressive, ” for example, suggests innovative, visionary and benevolent. But most “progressive” policies merely regurgitate antiquated notions that were disproved decades ago. A principal contemporary example of outdated “progressive” policy would be the flurry of big-spending, big-government legislation being touted by this Administration, merely repeating the failed economic policies that worsened and prolonged the Great Depression. Continue reading