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Ballot-palooza floods Colorado mailboxes, benefiting Dems

A third of a million Coloradans who have shown little interest in voting will get ballots in the mail this month anyway, teeing up a big pool of low-information voters for manipulation by Democrats and expanding the opportunities for election fraud.

The trigger for this was House Bill 1303, enacted last spring, which not only provides for same-day voter registration, but also requires election officials to reclassify Continue reading

Atheists and theists face off: Whose side is science on?

“It is true, that a little philosophy inclineth man’s mind to atheism; but depth in philosophy bringeth men’s minds to religion.”– Francis Bacon, 1561-1626

They’re called the new atheists and are people like Sam Harris, a neuroscientist who should have stuck with studying the brain instead of trying to use his philosophically in ways that are surely embarrassing to the old atheists. Continue reading

Dissent hardly limited to conservatives

A funny thing happening on the left side of the House. While political eyes focus on internecine tensions among the right, a similar thing seems to be occurring on the left, although it’s a far less fashionable topic upon which to comment. Polemicist and political philosopher Matt Damon’s public “breakup” with President Barack Obama offers a particularly silly example. Continue reading

Exploiting race issues ignores real problems

In the days following the Supreme Court decision in June to strike down the dated provision of the Civil Rights Act requiring some states to receive permission from the Department of Justice before changing voting laws, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth among the left this signaled a return to the Jim Crow era of massive discrimination against black voters. What the wailers were saying was America remains a systemically racist nation and only the aegis of federal government keeps those impulses under control. Continue reading

Western Conservative Summit recap: Three days of empowerment

Editor’s Note: Peg Brady of Centennial CO, a Western Conservative Summit delegate since our first year in 2010, annually contributes her exhaustive program notes for the benefit of fellow summiteers as well as those who couldn’t attend.  I liken her to James Madison, stenographer of the Founding, whose personal record [more] of the 1787 constitutional convention captured it forever in history. – John Andrews

Continue reading

Senator Ted Cruz sweeps Arizona straw poll

According to the Arizona straw poll, Senator Ted Cruz seems to have grabbed the hearts of conservatives not only in Denver but also in Scottsdale. Cruz, who spoke during the Saturday lunch session, received a standing ovation from the crowd in Scottsdale despite being broadcasted via live-stream.

With 48 ballots cast, Cruz stole 65% of the votes from the Arizona simulcast, leaving Governor Scott Walker, with 6%, and Col. Allen West, with 5%, in a far off second and third.

The simulcast in Arizona was a first for the Western Conservative Summit and the Centennial Institute, with approximately 200 attendees at the Scottsdale Resort and Conference Center. Several Republican state representatives, such as Rep. Matt Salmon and Rep. Paul Gosar, attended the Arizona conference. Summit speaker, Guy Benson flew from Denver to Arizona immediately after his panel to speak with the Arizona attendees.

In lieu of the Arizona success, for the 2014 reboot of the Western Conservative Summit, the conference has been invited to hold another simulcast in Orange County, California.

WCS13 Straw poll Results
Sen. Ted Cruz 31 (65%)
Gov. Scott Walker 4 (6%)
Col. Allen West 3 (5%)
Sen. Rand Paul 3 (5%)

Dr. Ben Carson 3
Sen. Marco Rubio 3
Gov. Chris Christie 1
Rep. Paul Ryan 3
Sen. Rick Santorum 2
Gov. Rick Perry 1
Gov. Chris Christie 1

Total Votes: 48