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Better Colorado schools at 70 cents on the dollar

(Denver Post, Oct. 3) The 18th century English lexicographer Samuel Johnson famously discovered virtue in the prospect of being hanged in the morning because said circumstance “concentrated the mind wonderfully.” Similarly, public officials all across Colorado will be having their minds concentrated wonderfully as they commence what one described as the “budget year from hell.”

[Editor’s Note: Moloney is heading the School Finance 2.0 study group to provide state legislators with Centennial Institute’s recommendations for implementing the concepts in this article when next year’s budget is written. Details here.] Continue reading

Institute announces study group on ‘School Finance 2.0’

“Larger shortfall looms in Colorado budget, and schools are likely to feel the pain,” shouted the headline on a Denver Post story this week. The timing could not be more appropriate for School Finance 2.0, a study group on sustainable budgeting for Colorado K-12 education, soon to be convened by the Centennial Institute.

William J. Moloney, a Centennial Institute Fellow and former Colorado Education Commissioner, 1997-2007, will chair the project. Analysis and recommendations are to be ready by December, for use by the next session of the Colorado General Assembly when it convenes in January 2011, said John Andrews, director of the Centennial Institute.

Read Moloney’s prospectus for School Finance 2.0. Education Budget Study Sept. 2010.doc (30.50 kb)