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Republican primaries: The long march

Clearly Mitt Romney is the Rodney Dangerfield of American politics. He “gets no respect” – anywhere. A strange consensus has emerged among the Punditocracy of both Left and Right. They even seem to be using the same phrase book.

Romney hasn’t “made the sale”, can’t “close the deal”, doesn’t “excite the base”, fails to “connect with orsdinary people”, is “dull, gaffe prone”, and lacks eloquence or humor. Continue reading

Iowa, New Hampshire, and beyond

(Centennial Fellow) Oh, what a relief it was when actual voters—normal human beings—began to cast real ballots! After fourteen months of the punditocracy telling us what voters would do, should do, or might do based more on Inside the Beltway vanity, than real insight into the American mind, the people—starting with Iowa and New Hampshire—began to talk back and in doing so left many a prognosticator’s reputation in tatters. Continue reading