Exceptional or Entitled: Which America?

(Salem, Massachusetts) Weather allowing, Salem is a fairly short and pleasant sailing trip from Boston to the Bay State’s rocky North Shore. If a visitor has history on his mind, there is virtue in perusing


Vanity Fair: Passing through or settling in?

What we generally take for granted as “the world around us,” the great John Bunyan described figuratively as a colorful, raucous, irresistible riot of carnal commerce called Vanity Fair. The whole thing, he warned, is


My 2012 survival kit

(Denver Post, Jan. 1) “Let us eat and drink,” said the beautiful people at last night’s glittering parties, “for tomorrow we shall die.” Maybe they thought their insouciance fitting as 2011 ticked away, but they


Andrews Looks to 2020 * Book Signing, Oct. 4

Americans must revive responsibility or lose our liberty, warns John Andrews in his new book Responsibility Reborn. Centennial Institute’s director, a former state senator and appointee of four US presidents, will outline a 10–point agenda


What screwed up the world?—Centennial seminar asks

A dozen scholars and commentators convened as guests of the Centennial Institute on May 17 for a luncheon seminar on Benjamin Wiker’s survey of modern intellectual history, Ten Books That Screwed Up the World. After