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Midterm Election: What History Tells Us

(Denver) Beginning with election night the "Punditocracy"( or the "Chattering Classes" as the Brits call them) invariably do two things: 1. SPIN the results to reflect their own bias, and 2. PREDICT what those results


Top Five Moments at WCS17

Jay Sekulow, Donald Trump's attorney, playing the drums. On Saturday night, Jay Sekulow took some time to show off his lesser known musical skills, entertaining the crowd. A grandson of an immigrant, Sekulow is proud


WCS17 and Moving the Middle: How to Reach Voters Authentically

Besides top conservative leaders, the Western Conservative Summit also hosts dozens of smaller, more policy-driven workshops that take place throughout the weekend. On Saturday afternoon, Allen Fuller, director of Principles That Matter, and Beverly Hallberg,


US Army Veteran Inspires Conservatives at WCS17

Chad Fleming walked onstage at the Western Conservative Summit to the best standing ovation so far this weekend. An Army Special Operations veteran, Chad is a strong symbol of American heroism and determination. He opened

WCS17: Conservatives Welcome to Our House

The Western Conservative Summit of 2017 began with a video fittingly synced to the pop song “My House” by Flo Rida. This is such a great example of one wonderful aspect of coming together each


Making Goodness Fashionable at WCS17

As people enter the Colorado Convention Center they are greeted throughout by signs that display the Western Conservative Summit's 2017 motto--Making Goodness Fashionable. You would think this wouldn't be a controversial slogan, but in today's