Ten reasons I chose CCU

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(By Branden Yeates, CCU Student) It’s pretty common for people to ask me why I chose to study at CCU, transferring here this fall as a sophomore. The subject makes for pleasant small talk; however, CCU is not a small talk university. […]

Schooling in America didn’t start out atheist

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(By Ellen Densmore, ’76 Contributor) Inscribed on the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C., are Jefferson’s words, “The God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secured when we [...]

Anti-intellectual threat in academe isn’t from the right

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“Dear Professor: Is this course going to challenge my faith and make me feel uncomfortable?” While this is not a direct quote from one of Whitney Cox’s students at the University of Houston, it is the paraphrase that Cox used […]

The Red Guards on America’s campuses

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(By Helen Raleigh, Centennial Fellow) If you never heard of the term "Red Guards," allow me to fill you in. During Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution movement (1966-1976), many over-zealous Chinese college students began referring to [...]

Government android education

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(By Don Devine, '76 Contributor) So after promising no child left behind by last year, the 2015 “nation’s report card” in math from the National Assessment of Educational Progress actually fell for the first time since the [...]

How do we save education?

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(By Jay Ambrose, '76 Contributor) Go back a bit and there was President Barack Obama promising us educational utopia. Then move forward some and what you have is a hugely expensive, bureaucratically dumbfounding mix of [...]

Ten reasons I’m glad I was homeschooled

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(By Ellen Densmore, CCU Student) “Do you have any friends?” “I wish I could stay in my pajamas all day.” “I couldn’t stand being around my family all the time.” Those are just a few of the common questions and assertions I’ve grown up hearing as a student who was homeschooled all the way through 12th grade. […]

Will union lies squash successful Colorado education reforms?

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(By Joy Overbeck, ’76 Contributor) Colorado teachers unions are working hard to erase the gains in student achievement that parents want by trying to defeat reform-minded Douglas and Jefferson County school board members in upcoming elections with national implications for educational transformation. […]

Jeffco school reformers face social-media lynching

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(By Melanie Sturm, ’76 Contributor) As a giant marketplace of ideas, Facebook is an astonishing barometer, for better or worse. Its force-multiplying “likes” and “shares” can direct masses toward aspirational “Arab Spring”-type movements or incite mobs with false grievances, […]

When it comes to public education, what’s normal is criminal

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(By Helen Raleigh, Centennial Fellow) While most of the country is paying attention to the 2016 presidential election, some local communities will have to make a few consequential decisions this coming November. One such community is [...]