Democrats literally will not stand for anything Americans want

(By Joy Overbeck, '76 Blog Contributor) Madam Tusssaud’s Lefty Wax Museum invaded the Democrats’ side of the House Tuesday night to hear President Trump’s first address to Congress.  Only marginally life-like, these waxworks couldn’t bring themselves to


Moving beyond partisan politics

(By Joseph Maroney, 1776 Scholar) As President Donald Trump sets the groundwork for his administration, controversy and bitter bantering has dominated political discussion in both media and personal discussion. With instances like the Democrat boycott


Western civilization’s civil war: Elitism vs. populism

  (By William Moloney, '76 Blog Contributor) (Boston) 2016 will be remembered as the year in which across the Western World long hidden political, economic, and social fissures spectacularly erupted into public view.  2017 will go


When ‘dangerous men’ become president

"The worst kinds of people have chosen that dangerous             Mad man Jackson as President"             -John Quincy Adams (1829) (By Bill Moloney, '76 Blog Contributor) As


An existential crisis: Will individualism prevail?

(By Ellen Densmore, CCU Student) America is arguably facing an existential crisis. The next four to eight years may decide not only the immediate future of this country, but whether America will continue to be America


Peter Blake, newsman & patriot: 1936-2016

Sad farewell to another great Coloradan in a year that has seen too many such deaths. My friend Peter Blake, political writer at the old Rocky Mountain News for almost 40 years, lost his battle