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Could superheroes teach us to fix a broken world?

By |September 29th, 2015|Categories: America, Politics, Pop Culture|Tags: , , |

  (By Ellen Densmore, CCU Student) Our world is broken. America is broken. We all recognize that, but we may not have our minds around a strategy for conquering the conundrums and build a better world.  Many optimistic patriots seek to rebuild, but we often don’t know where to start and, more importantly, we can’t really put a finger on what exactly we’re striving for.  But there are two men who had a grasp […]

Joan Rivers’ life lessons: Can we talk?

By |September 26th, 2014|Categories: Ideas, Pop Culture|Tags: , , , |

(’76 Contributor) God knows Joan Rivers had much to atone for every Yom Kippur, considering her trenchant wit, off-color jokes and celebrity takedowns — though sidesplitting. […]

Don’t ban Bossy, ban Beyonce

By |April 14th, 2014|Categories: Culture Wars, Pop Culture|Tags: , , , , , |

Sheryl Sandberg, author of Lean In and Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, has a line in her book that states “I want every little girl who’s told she’s bossy to be told instead that she has leadership skills.” As you have probably heard by now, her Lean In organization and the Girl Scouts of America have teamed up with various celebrities and some other well-known female figures to urge us to ban the use of the word bossy. As part of their “public service” campaign they have released a short ad featuring these women lecturing us about how they were called bossy and other names as children and therefore we should “ban bossy.” The “Ban Bossy – I’m Not Bossy. I’m the Boss” video has gone viral while stirring up some controversy along the way. It has now been viewed over 2,250,000 times on Youtube. […]

"Lone Survivor": See this movie!

By |January 28th, 2014|Categories: Foreign Policy, Pop Culture|Tags: , , , , |

From its beginnings just over a century ago the unique power of cinema has been its capacity to engage audiences emotionally in a manner quite unlike any other medium.  By that standard “Lone Survivor” is very likely one of the most memorable movies you will ever see. […]