Iran’s dominance in Iraq steadily increases

By |September 1st, 2012|

(Sull, Iraq) So America’s liberal newspaper of record is shocked, shocked! that Prime Minister al-Maliki and the Iraqi government are puppets of the Iranian administration.

In what might be more a function of the curtailing of foreign reporters and the use of stringers to report news, one of the most open secrets in Iraq, even as far north as here in Kurdistan, was seen as news by the New York Times the other day. […]

Emanuel in shameful company with Putin & Koran

By |August 3rd, 2012|

(Centennial Fellow) In Russia, Vladimir Putin’s government is prosecuting three women for a prayer to toss the president out of office. In the Netherlands and Denmark, officials have been putting people on trial for what they have said about Muslims. In Chicago, San Francisco and Boston, mayors are aiming to stop a restaurant chain from expanding its outlets because the owner does not believe in gay marriage. […]

GOP dangerously ignorant of Muslim Brotherhood threat

By |August 3rd, 2012|

(Centennial Fellow) It has been said that the truth offends those who don’t have it. It would appear Senator John McCain and Speaker John Boehner do not have the truth and the facts showing the danger the Muslim Brotherhood’s movement in America’s government poses today. Americans should be very concerned about this.

In letters dated June 13, 2012, five Members of Congress […]

Europeanizing America into crisis

By |May 20th, 2012|

(Centennial Fellow) President Barack Obama’s $840 billion stimulus contained more than a million dollars to study erectile dysfunction, and yes, I know, any complaint will be identified as a war on men.

That would be in addition to a Republican war on women as alleged by zanies not liking perfectly sound criticisms of Obama’s health insurance mindlessness. […]

Economic and political realities spell end of EU dream

By |May 17th, 2012|

(St. Petersburg, Russia) The French and Greek elections of May 6, 2012 signify the beginning of the end for the “Europe Project”. The competing visions of two remarkable Frenchmen – Jean Monnet and Charles De Gaulle – have been decisively resolved in favor of the latter.

Nearly seventy years ago in the wake of two catastrophic world wars, Monnet became known as the “Father of Europe” by advocating a unified destiny for his battered continent. […]

Koran apology is another symptom of US dhimmitude

By |February 23rd, 2012|

We are witnessing the greatest surrender, abject acts of submission to sharia, and the most embarrassing episodes of dhimmitude yet seen in America. I thought things were bad in the United Kingdom and Spain.

If you follow Diana West’s work, you’ve already seen this video, in which General John Allen, the supreme commander of the ISAF forces in Afghanistan, made a statement apologizing to the “noble people of Afghanistan” for the destruction of Islamic religious paraphernalia confiscated from prisoners of war. […]

‘33 Minutes’ film exposes US lack of missile defense

By |February 17th, 2012|

(CCU Student) How safe do you think you are? If there was an attack on the United States, do you think you would survive? What if it was a nuclear ballistic missile? How long do you think you would have to get to safety? A few days? A few hours?

What if you had only 33 minutes from launch time to get to safety? […]

Economic freedom losing ground in US & globally

By |February 14th, 2012|

(CCU Student) Economic freedom in the USA is unmatched, right? Wrong, according to a policy briefing given today at The Heritage Foundation, which I attended as part of my CCU Washington semester.

Ambassador Terry Miller, Director of Heritage’s Center for International Trade and Economics, spoke on the 2012 Index of Economic Freedom, co-published by Heritage and the Wall Street Journal. The Index scores 179 economies from around the world on ten factors in four major areas: rule of law (property rights and freedom from corruption), limited government (fiscal freedom and government spending), regulatory efficiency (business freedom, labor freedom, and monetary freedom), and open markets (trade freedom, investment freedom, and financial freedom). […]

Athens to Rome by Sea: Ruminating on the Ruins

By |December 19th, 2011|

(Rome) If one would conjure in imagination what Gibbon called the “Glory that was Greece and the Grandeur that was Rome” a worthwhile approach is to set sail upon Homer’s “wine dark sea” and in select ports of call contemplate with awe the visible Ruins of those mighty civilizations that are the foundation of our own. On a recent cruise, my wife and I did just that. […]

Is it right to celebrate when an evil-doer dies?

By |December 13th, 2011|

(CCU Student) It was months ago, way back in May of this year, that Osama bin Laden was killed in Pakistan by CIA operatives. But I keep thinking about the moral and spiritual questions posed by all the jubilation over this man’s death.

When citizens of the United States found out bin Laden had been assassinated, they celebrated. […]