Colorado has been adversely affected by commercialized marijuana. Since legalizing marijuana, Colorado’s youth rank number one in the nation for first-time marijuana use and suspensions and expulsions for marijuana possession have also increased. Cartel activity and black market marijuana operations have skyrocketed, as have marijuana-related traffic fatalities.

As our nation debates marijuana commercialization, it’s important to have the facts. That is why we are proud to announce that Peter Droege is joining the Centennial Institute as a fellow in Marijuana and Drug Addiction Policy.

Peter Droege

Peter Droege just celebrated twenty years of recovery from alcohol and marijuana addiction. He ran a residential drug and alcohol addiction recovery program in Denver that helped get men off the streets and back to productive lives through sobriety, work, and accountability. Previously, he served as Vice President, Communications, for the Daniels Fund.

As we seek to create a better Colorado for our children, Peter’s work at the Centennial Institute will provide important insight into policies to curb Colorado’s growing drug culture.

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Jeff Hunt
Vice President of Public Policy, Colorado Christian University
Director, Centennial Institute