1776 Scholars

1776 Scholars is a Centennial Institute program for CCU students who are passionate about cultivating their political knowledge and transforming American government.

As a student-run organization, the 1776 Scholars engage in three pursuits: learning, networking, and activism. Through dynamic speakers, behind-the-scenes connections to government and nonprofit leaders, and meaningful political engagement, Centennial Institute Scholars develop the skills and experience to become informed, pioneering conservatives.

Through the 1776 Scholars, the Centennial Institute is mentoring America’s next generation of leaders: patriots who have the intellectual curiosity, moral compass, and youthful energy to make a positive difference in our great Nation.

If you are a CCU student seeking to be more informed about politics while actively impacting the community, please visit our online application at tinyurl.com/1776scholarsapplication or contact us at 1776Scholars@gmail.com.

Events and Publications

With government ever growing and regular Americans fearful about the future, America needs principled conservative thinking as never before. Centennial Institute, Colorado Christian University’s public policy think tank devoted to faith, family, freedom, and the future, is working to meet that need.

Through our Events and Publications, Centennial Institute can enliven the public conversation in Colorado and across the country. We offer conservative perspectives on topics from climate change to drug policy, from radical Islam to Western Civ in the classroom.