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William Watson
Professor of History, School of Humanities and Sciences


William Watson has been a professor at CCU over 20 years, living less than a block from campus with his wife and three millennial children. He is originally from LA, with a BA in History from Cal Poly.  He served as a linguist in Army Intelligence, assigned to a NSA listening post in West Berlin during the Cold War. Then got an MDiv from Talbot Theological Seminary and an MA in Modern European History from the University of California Riverside, then taught high school 13 years east of LA while pursuing doctoral work at UCR. In 1995 he received his PhD in British history and the following year got a position as professor at CCU, where he has been teaching Global History ever since. He most often teaches history of Europe, Russia, and the Middle East, but also British Empire and current Global Issues. In 2004 he was a Fulbright Professor in Moldova, and in 2007 was a visiting fellow at Oxford. He specializes in the clergy of 17th and 18th century England, having studied first their political ideas, then their scientific ideas, and finally their eschatology. His recent book “Dispensationalism Before Darby”, charts their ideas about the end of the world, and  has led to speaking engagements and media interviews across the country.