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Krista Kafer
Instructor of Communication, School of Humanities and Sciences


Krista Kafer teaches persuasion and public speaking at the CCU School of Humanities and Sciences. She is the assistant debate coach for CCU’s award winning team and the faculty advisor for the school newspaper Veritas. Ms. Kafer also practices what she teaches. She is a Denver Post columnist, a radio personality on 710 KNUS and the co-host of “Head On” on Denver’s Channel 12. At Engage to Win seminars, she teaches adults to be more persuasive about politics and public policy.

A Colorado native, Krista returned to Colorado in late 2004 after nine years in the nation’s capital where she served as the senior expert on education policy at the influential Heritage Foundation and as an aide to two members of Congress.  Before coming to CCU, Ms. Kafer worked as a freelance writer and pursued her MA degree in political science. Her MA and BA provide a firm foundation in intellectual content while her work in public policy and media has honed her communication skills.

In her spare time, Ms. Kafer enjoys international travel, gardening, spending time with family and friends, and hiking with her dog Bacon.