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    WCS13 PosterCool Kids Poster: Western Conservative Summit 2013 - $ 8

    When 16 of the top speakers at this year's big rally on the right in Denver came up to address the WCS13 theme, "Freedom's New Day," they were presented with original portraits painted by master caricaturist Benjamin Hummel. We've gathered all of them on this full-color 18x24" poster.  Shown as you've never seen them before are Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Allen West, Mia Love, and a dozen more. It's a collector's item you've got to have, a great souvenir or gift. $8. See Larger Image. Order Now




    1776 TieSpirit of 1776 Necktie - $20

    Limited edition men's tie created exclusively for Centennial Institute.  Rich electric blue with subtle 1776 repeating motif. All silk. An amazing conversation starter about why you love the land of the free. $20. Order Now





    1776 ScarfSpirit of 1776 Fashion Scarf - $20

    Limited edition women's scarf created exclusively for Centennial Institute.  Rich electric blue with smaller and larger 1776 motif, 36x36". Wear your patriotism with elegance and style. $20. Order Now





    Responsibility RebornResponsibility Reborn: A Citizen's Guide to the Next American Century - $10

    The first book by John Andrews, director of Centennial Institute and a leading conservative voice of his generation since the 1960s. Fresh, compelling insights on what America means, our path to 2076, and how personal responsibility can renew individual liberty. $10. More about the Book. Order Now





    Freedom Nationally, Virture, LocallyFreedom Nationally, Virtue Locally - or Socialism - $10

    In this provocative how-to manual for political action, Kevin Miller, entrepreneur, success coach, and founding dean of the CCU Business School, upends what you thought you knew about how the American constitution and the Christian faith can balance each other in the face of today's secularizing, centralizing trends. $10. More about the Book. Order Now