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First debate, lower tier: How I scored ’em

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(By Charles Patricoff, ’76 Contributor)The first Republican (GOP) Presidential debate is over. The political pundits have stated their opinions. Those expressed in this article come from a Biblical Worldview. Unfortunately, the split format of seven [...]

Hope for a weary nation gleamed at WCS14

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The Western Conservative Summit 2014 concluded last weekend with its largest attendance, stellar presenters, and hopeful theme, “America at its Best.” WCS ’14 demonstrated that conservative ideas cross race and gender lines and represent the best hope for a nation weary after six years  of “hopeless chains.” WCS ’14 reminded us that there are big ideas and fundamental truths that can strengthen the world’s greatest nation and restore optimism to its people. […]

Watch out for Bobby Jindal

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Bobby Jindal once gave a speech inspiring TV entertainer-commentator Jon Stewart to respond with satiric torture, which is to say, the speech wasn’t just a little awful, but laughably awful. The other day, I saw Jindal give a speech inspiring a massive audience to a standing ovation, which is to say, it is untrue he’s all substance and no show. He has the oratorical oomph to get to the Oval Office. […]

Top 10 moments of the 2014 Western Conservative Summit

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“The last bastion of freedom.”  “The greatest nation in the history of mankind.” Passionate, patriotic speakers at the 2014 Western Conservative Summit used these terms to describe “America at it’s best,” the theme of the 3-day weekend that called for unity, generational harmony, moral courage, and the preservation of America’s founding principles of faith, family, and freedom. […]

Let freedom ring: words from the #WCS14

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Saturday night marks the midpoint of the 2014 Western Conservative Summit, and attendees from all backgrounds and generations react to speakers throughout the weekend so far: […]

Jindal energizes the crowd at #WCS14 Friday evening

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Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal sparked instant energy at the 2014 Western Conservative Summit with a kickoff speech that quickly catapulted #WCS14 to the top four Twitter trend in the country. […]