It’s back to dysfunctional Washington

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As Congress and their symbiotic bureaucratic, media and lobbyist co-conspirators return to Washington after a month’s vacation, they will find they missed all the explosive summer fun. It was not pleasurable but the government did [...]

I witnessed a speech that may change history

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“All the world’s a stage,” Shakespeare penned, and last week I was fortunate to behold a performance for the ages, one that moved its standing-room-only audience. Sitting in the gallery above a joint session of Congress and feeling history’s weight at our civilization’s fateful crossroads, I watched Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu enter the House chamber to thunderous bipartisan applause before delivering a gracious, credible and consequential speech. […]

How Washington can help the poor this Christmas

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In this holiday season, let’s suppose what might strike some as a miracle, that our Democratic president and a Republican Congress will soon join forces to do something wondrously humane. Let’s suppose they agree to do what actually works to help shove poverty off the American map. […]

Given what’s at stake, upcoming election another important one

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An important election looms this November. (Will there ever be an election deemed “unimportant?”) As the election approaches and we prepare for the machinations that accompany an American election year, it’s worth our while to reflect on what is at stake. […]

Influence-trafficker Polis is hypocritical & proud of it

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(CCU Faculty) The other day, Vincent Carroll of the Denver Post took Congressman Jared Polis to task for his hypocrisy regarding free speech. Polis has strongly criticized the recent Supreme Court decision rolling back restrictions on corporate speech accusing the latter of using their resources to “confuse and trick people.” Carroll pointed out that Polis is fine with using his considerable private wealth to, I assume, “confuse and trick people” since that’s what money is for. […]