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Nationalism vs. supra-nationalism: DeGaulle was right

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  (By Centennial Fellow Bill Moloney, writing from Nantucket) The greatest Frenchman since Napoleon and twice the savior of his nation, Charles De Gaulle (1890-1970) remains the most influential European statesman of the post-World War II era.   Like Metternich, Bismarck, and Churchill before him, De Gaulle embodied a world-historical vision that remains […]

Another lessons for socialists: Beware Greeks bearing debt

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It’s unlikely one would ever lack for examples of socialist failure. But should you ever find yourself at such a loss, the one that stands out perhaps most profoundly of late is Greece. Greece’s problems [...]

Great Britain in transition: From empire to devolution and beyond

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(London) The origins of Great Britain were humble- a beleaguered aggregation of newly Christianized tribes made vulnerable to Vikings and other marauders by the 5th century departure of the last Roman legions. […]