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Frank Gaffney on Jihad vs. Free World

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During Saturday’s dinner, Frank Gaffney, the Founder and President for the Center for Security Policy and columnist for The Washington Times and Townhall, shared his expertise on national security in a speech titled the “War for the Free [...]

Egypt in chaos: the democracy trap

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NANTUCKET—While this island’s most famous summer resident –Secretary of State John Kerry- tirelessly pursues a matter of comparative irrelevance- Israeli-Palestinian peace talks- the entire Middle East is turning into a blazing conflagration the likes of which we have not seen since the end of the Second World War. […]

Folk song foreign policy out of tune with reality

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When Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008 and re-election last year, I shared in many of my compatriots’ dread at what his policies would do to the economy and other domestic concerns. But I always harbored an even greater fear of what an Obama presidency would mean for the United States in terms of foreign affairs. […]

America’s new foreign policy: Weak & dangerous

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In the 1930s Franklin Roosevelt realized that U.S. leadership and power were the indispensable elements in any acceptable world order and with extraordinary skill and courage overcame the forces of isolationism in his own country and moved America to the forefront of the titanic struggle against Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Ever since then the United States has accepted its role as the world’s principal champion of freedom and chief guarantor of international stability. In pursuing this mission the United States has made many mistakes both large and small, but any credible historical analysis recognizes that on balance America has been the world’s greatest force for good throughout the period in question. […]