A Christian vision of civilization

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(By John Morgan, '76 Contributor) The vision of Christianity is salvation and civilization. Salvation is for the individual soul to find rest in God and life in him for eternity. Civilization is for societies to find peace [...]

The pope and Sanders: misguided economic missionaries

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(By Melanie Sturm, '76 Contributor) If only Pope Francis were in my Buenos Aires taxi last Christmas. I could have used his moral authority (and Argentine-accented Spanish) in negotiating with a driver who’d forgotten the [...]

The sad state of freedom in America

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(By Mark Hillman, <em>'76</em> Contributor) Some 30 years ago, a common retort by my classmates when told that we could not do something was, "It's a free country, isn't it? I don't hear that rhetorical [...]

Jenny Beth Martin’s Winning Agenda

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A speaker Friday night at the 2015 Western Conservative Summit, Jenny Beth Martin is the co-founder and national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots. On Twitter, she has stated in her bio that she “was [...]

Freedom’s 800th birthday: Doing your part?

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(By Douglas Bruce, ’76 Contributor) Tradition accepts June 15, 1215 as the start of limited government in Anglo-American law. Magna Carta (“great charter’) was signed under duress by King John. John was the brother and successor to Richard the Lion Heart, whose loyal subjects included that tax rebel, Robin Hood. […]

Still striving for freedom

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Eight hundred years ago on 15 June 1215, the English people compelled King John to endorse the Great Charter – Magna Carta. The Great Charter confirmed the ancient rights of “all the community.” So what? [...]

Still striving for freedom

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(By Peg Brady, ’76 Contributor) Eight hundred years ago on 15 June 1215, the English people compelled King John to endorse the Great Charter – Magna Carta.  The Great Charter confirmed the ancient rights of “all the community.”  So what?  Magna Carta is the foundation of America’s Constitution, our defense against tyranny, corruption and civil decay. […]

The new civil rights and the Republican Party

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A new civil rights agenda is taking shape in America, and the institution best suited by history to carry this agenda forward is the Republican Party.  Look at the record of 160 years: […]

Not into politics? It’s into you regardless

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(’76 Contributor) People, especially young people, often say that they don’t care about politics. They’re just not into it; they think politics doesn’t affect their lives. Even if they cared enough to get involved, they’re too busy with school or building careers and families, or trying to find a job after being laid off. […]

Udall’s narrow view of choice is a bad joke

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Fortune cookies and Mark Udall have more in common than Colorado’s Democrat U.S. Senator might like to admit. […]