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The monkey-wrench in Obamacare

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In 1975 Edward Abbey wrote his most famous literary work, The Monkey Wrench Gang. It postulated a vision of environmental activism that eventually manifested world-wide. Within two decades the environmental community had gone on the offense to defend owls and prevent bulldozers from building logging roads. They burned ski run chalets and climbed trees to prevent redwoods from being cut. I believe that the recent election of opposition threatens to monkey-wrench Obamacare, aka, the Affordable Care Act. […]

Colorado women upset with Udall’s support of Obamacare

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“No one should come between a woman and her doctor.” […]

Carson: practical and passionate at #WCS14

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Dr. Ben Carson may have separated twins conjoined at the head, but at the 2014 Western Conservative Summit he joined American patriots at the heart. A characteristically practical and inspirational speech from Dr. Carson ended Friday night’s opening session and left audience members chanting “Run, Ben, Run!” as they were empowered with specific strategies for saving America’s future. […]

American medicine today: A profession under siege

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(Boston) The distinctions of the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) are many: Affiliation with Harvard Medical School, 3rd oldest U.S. hospital (1811), 2nd highest ranking in the U.S. News survey, world’s largest hospital based research program ($750 million dollar annual budget), and no less than eleven Nobel Laureates have worked or trained there. […]

Think again: If you like your freedom, you can keep it

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In the waiting room of Memorial Sloan-Kettering’s radiation treatment center, I discovered that in the race of life, those running to stay on the track are among the most determined, hopeful and courageous. They’re also grateful, for it’s in the sanctuary of sympathetic and expert care where cancer patients experience calm and clarity after the storm of diagnosis and decision-making. […]

Shutdown shows need for Article V convention

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The shutdown of many parts of the Federal government due to the debate over Washington’s control of medical care is just a symptom of a much deeper problem. As significant as is the debate over who should control our medical systems, it is but one aspect of the real problem. We have lost our vision for constitutional federalism. […]

Public grows skeptical about costs of ‘affordable care’

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Nobody likes the unknown, so it’s easy to understand why Americans are growing increasingly wary as the implementation of ObamaCare or, as it is formally known, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, draws near. […]

Think again: High noon lessons for America’s lawmakers

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With several political climaxes looming, it serves to recall “High Noon” starring Gary Cooper as Will Kane, the beleaguered marshal who single-handedly confronts paroled murderer Frank Miller and his gang. As civil society’s elected protector, Kane is a reluctant hero, abandoned by his cowering and self-interested townsfolk. Improbably victorious, he departs town, flinging his badge with contempt for the citizens who wouldn’t defend the rule of law on which their freedom, prosperity and security depend. […]

More health care ‘help’ we can’t afford

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(Centennial Fellow) Legislators talk frequently about the Law of Unintended Consequences but rarely seem to recognize when a bill they support will, if passed, inevitably collide with that law. Such is the case with House Bill 1021, which would require individual insurance policies to cover a normal pregnancy, childbirth, maternity care, pregnancy management and contraception. […]

A businessman’s plea for common sense on health care

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(’76 Contributor) It seems to me that in spite of the near-paralysis of government at all levels on meaningful reforms for health care, our runaway costs need someone’s attention. Fewer and fewer small businesses can now afford anything but an insurance package that has a huge deductible. So as a totally inexperienced drafter of such proposals, but with my share of business experience in the real world, I am so bold as to offer the following simple start: […]