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Muslim subversion is unchecked in US, Guandolo warns

John Guandolo, former FBI counter-terrorism expert who is now a Centennial Institute Fellow, warned in a national security briefing at CCU on Sept. 22 that the Muslim Brotherhood’s efforts to erode America’s liberty from are advancing with little awareness—and even less opposition—from all levels of government, media, and civic organizations. He likened the situation to a football game where one team, the proponents of a global caliphate harshly governed by sharia law, is on the field and leading 56-0 while the other team, our country’s entire leadership class, is on the sidelines in baseball uniforms—and it’s still the first quarter.

Guandolo assists with Team B report on Shariah threat

John Guandolo, Centennial Institute Fellow and former top counter-terrorism expert with the FBI, took part in a Wednesday press conference at the US Capitol in Washington for release a major new study on Muslim subversion, entitled Shariah: The Threat to America / An Exercise in Competitive Analysis /Report from Team B II. The full report is online here. Guandolo will discuss the study in a national security briefing at CCU on Sept. 22, 12 noon in the Dining Commons Annex. Anyone may attend, but reservations must be made by emailing Guandolo says he believes Shariah: The Threat to America will stand as “a truly seminal work” in the country’s struggle to protect itself against external and internal enemies.