The Red Guards on America’s campuses

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(By Helen Raleigh, Centennial Fellow) If you never heard of the term "Red Guards," allow me to fill you in. During Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution movement (1966-1976), many over-zealous Chinese college students began referring to [...]

Stop calling them progressives

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(By Joy Overbeck) Today’s “progressive” ideas are nothing but retreads of the notorious 19th and 20th century command-and-control tyrannies that killed about 120 million of their own citizens. Variously known as socialism, Communism, and Marxism, [...]

Jackson and Fowler Debate “Does Liberalism Hurts the Poor?”

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Mid-morning, Kevin Jackson, a syndicated columnist and self-appointed “Offender of the Left,” debated Richard Fowler, syndicated radio host of the liberal talk radio program The Richard Fowler Program. Jackson’s biography on states that in [...]

Defending liberty

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We exist in a vast sea of ignorance and lack of understanding in regards to history, politics, and ideology. Not to mention the implications of each upon our nation and civilization. Perhaps we should not be surprised that large segments of society can’t put the Civil War in the correct century or begin to find major countries on a map. There are entire political ideologies that rely on that mind-numbing, and sometimes frightening, misunderstanding and basic ignorance that a significant portion of society manifests as a source for their power and strength. […]