Policy brief: How marijuana endangers Colorado kids

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Colorado’s legalization of optional (miscalled “recreational”) marijuana is a dangerous experiment at young people’s expense, requiring damage control measures by state and local government as soon as possible. That’s the conclusion […]

Legislating morality is the wrong question

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(’76 Contributor) Let me comment on the March 10 forum at Centennial Institute, “Can We Legislate Morality? Marijuana, Marriage, Murder,” which I was unable to attend.  It’s an attention-getting topic, since in my view the libertarian trend is becoming a suicidal libertine trend, demanding total freedom and a social safety net which becomes unaffordable. It’s also on its way to endorsing NAMBLA as the next step after gay marriage. Eventually the victim list will get some attention. […]

Marijuana risks largely ignored by Denver Post

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(’76 Contributor) As recreational marijuana sales became legal in Colorado during the first two weeks of 2014, I tracked all Denver Post articles […]

Go west young druggie

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I live in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, and I am high, but wait. I mean that my house is 8,000 feet above sea level, not that I am giddily under the influence of marijuana legally purchased as a result of a historic development that could someday cause a teenager to think his TV is sending him secret messages. […]