Occupy Denver: An abyss of envy and blame

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It is in times like these that I wish I were a great mind, well versed in psychological theory. But then again, I feel Freud himself would struggle to rationalize the behavior of most Occupy Wall Street members. On a recent Saturday, eight CCU students went down to the State Capitol to volunteer for an event hosted by the Colorado Prayer Caucus. Heading into Denver, we discussed the possibility of a few “Occupy” protestors—when we arrived we discovered a much larger and louder crowd than expected. […]

‘Taxed Enough Already’ rally on 3/10 points toward 4/15

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Several hundred Coloradans gathered yesterday at the state capitol to remind our government officials that we pay the bills. Sponsored by a coalition of independent but like-minded organizations, including the Independence Institute, the rally vigorously reasserted our role as citizen-leaders. Important points were addressed. Paramount were these messages to our state and federal legislators: Stop irresponsible spending and uphold the values of the citizens you represent. We don’t want Obamacare. We don’t want nannyism. We don’t want economy-crippling taxes and regulation. […]