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America 2015: Clashing freedoms can coexist

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(’76 Editor) Did you hear about the Jewish festival selling an exhibit table to the Christian proselytizers? Or the Catholic conference where opponents, after pitching a fit, were allowed […]

Apple won’t tolerate intolerance? Look in the mirror, Tim Cook

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(CCU Student) Responding to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act in a Washington Post op-ed last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote, “There’s something very dangerous happening in states across the country.” […]

Why pluralism can’t substitute for religious freedom

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(Centennial Fellow) I recently read a series of articles that promote the idea that Christians should adopt a pluralistic approach in order to be relevant in present times. (See articles by law professor John Inazu in Christianity Today one from July 2014 here and one from October 2014 here). […]

Government scrutiny of sermons should set off constitutional alarms

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(Centennial Fellow) This week several news stories have covered a uniquely problematic situation in Houston, TX. Houston’s city officials subpoenaed sermons of local pastors who oppose an ordinance that provides certain protections for LGBT community members. The ordinance would ban discrimination against LGBT by businesses serving the public, private employers, housing, city employment and city contracting – including provision for transgender people who are denied access to a particular restroom to be able to file a discrimination complaint.  […]

Mark “Mind Control” Udall has big plans for you

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In the classic film “Cool Hand Luke,” the prison captain looks down at Luke, played by Paul Newman, who lies on the floor having once again failed in an attempt to escape, and tells Luke “You’re gonna get your mind right.  And I mean right.” […]