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First debate, lower tier: How I scored ’em

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(By Charles Patricoff, ’76 Contributor)The first Republican (GOP) Presidential debate is over. The political pundits have stated their opinions. Those expressed in this article come from a Biblical Worldview. Unfortunately, the split format of seven [...]

Rick Santorum Stands Against Recent Supreme Court Rulings at #WCS15

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As the conversation began about the SCOTUS decision on gay marriage Rick Santorum was no quiet voice. He joined many other conservatives, Republicans, Catholics, and citizens in an up-rise against the decision. On twitter he [...]

Evening Rallies Just $25

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(By Western Conservative Summit staff) Like the WCS15 speaker lineup, but your budget or schedule won’t allow attending all three days?  Maybe your answer is to slice and dice the whopping Summit program into something that fits perfectly.  Check out our one-evening-only or one-day-only ticket options. […]

Summit Surprises: Did You Know?

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(By Centennial Institute Staff) Yes, Western Conservative Summit 2015 is very much about the invisible primary for president next year.  Seven GOP contenders are coming, others may come, and we even invited five Dems (not holding our breath).  But there’s a lot more to WCS15 that you maybe didn’t know about. […]

After fighting honorably, Santorum must face reality

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I like Rick Santorum. I voted for him. I even donated to his campaign. I believe that he is a credible conservative who could provide a striking contrast to Barack Obama and who could resonate with blue-collar voters. Santorum is a good person, but a good person must also recognize when he’s fighting because he has a chance to win and when he’s fighting just to be fighting. […]