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How Republican candidates should answer the “life of the mother” question

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(By Joy Overbeck, '76 Contributor) When Megyn Kelly in the Fox GOP debate asked Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker if he would “really let a mother die rather than have an abortion” I could actually hear [...]

Scott Walker: Growth, Reform, Safety

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“Freedom endowed by our creator, defined by our constitution, and defended by the men and women who wear the uniform of these United States,” were Scott Walker’s first words on stage Saturday night at WCS. [...]

Evening Rallies Just $25

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(By Western Conservative Summit staff) Like the WCS15 speaker lineup, but your budget or schedule won’t allow attending all three days?  Maybe your answer is to slice and dice the whopping Summit program into something that fits perfectly.  Check out our one-evening-only or one-day-only ticket options. […]

Head for WCS15 with Walker, Carson, Hewitt, Horowitz & more

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(’76 Editor) We are having, if I may turn a phrase you’ve never ever heard before, an absolute ball getting ready for Western Conservative Summit 2015 on June 26-28 at the Colorado Convention Center. […]

Workers get new rights in Wisconsin

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Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin has signed a measure freeing workers in his state from having to pay union dues if they want to keep their jobs, naturally enough upsetting labor honchos wanting to grab every worker nickel they can. Not the least of them: Randi Weingarten, chief of the American Federation of Teachers. “Scott Walker fails the test of common decency and common sense,” said this woman representing teacher unions that commonly abet innocent American youths in failing standardized tests. Her comments came after Walker signed a bill making his state No. 25 in enacting a right-to-work law that does exactly what its name implies. It gives people the right to work without forking over their hard-earned money to unions relying on coercion as a mode of survival. […]

Elections 2014: A Longer Perspective

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(Denver) It is often the case with elections that those races that are most visible are actually less enduring in their significance and provide less insight into the deeper forces shaping our politics than do those less noticed but far more numerous contests further down the ballot. […]

Scott Walker Addresses the Western Conservative Summit

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Ron Packard, CEO and Founder of K¹², introduced Friday Night’s keynote speaker for the Western Conservative Summit, Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker.  Recent education initiatives were just one of many examples Walker would touch on [...]

#WCS13 News Bureau to cover Western Conservative Summit

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The 2013 Western Conservative Summit will launch a news bureau, staffed by seasoned journalists Michael Sandoval and Michael Schaus, to cover and report on the event live from Friday, July 26, through Sunday, July 28. [...]