Searching for an explanation for Bernie’s rising? Look No further than classrooms

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(By Helen Raleigh, Centennial Fellow) During a recent family gathering, I casually inquired of my 14-year-old niece, a freshman who attends a public high school in California, about her grades from last semester.  I was shocked [...]

Socialism doesn’t equal social justice, or vice versa

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(By Sosamma Samuel-Burnett, Centennial Fellow) In November 1989, I was a junior at the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. I had come of age during the Cold War and the world was evenly [...]

Stop calling them progressives

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(By Joy Overbeck) Today’s “progressive” ideas are nothing but retreads of the notorious 19th and 20th century command-and-control tyrannies that killed about 120 million of their own citizens. Variously known as socialism, Communism, and Marxism, [...]

Another lessons for socialists: Beware Greeks bearing debt

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It’s unlikely one would ever lack for examples of socialist failure. But should you ever find yourself at such a loss, the one that stands out perhaps most profoundly of late is Greece. Greece’s problems [...]

Elections in Anglosphere surprise — and alarm

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Two elections recently took place within the Anglosphere — both with rather startling, and quite opposite, results. Despite extensive prognostication to the contrary, Great Britain granted David Cameron’s Conservatives a victory — a majority at that. […]

The Obama legacy: debt, division, and dependence

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The President’s legacy is now clearly visible to the discerning eye. A six year record of governing (and his response to an election drubbing in 2014) confirms what the legacy of President Barack Obama will be. […]

APUSH won’t prepare students for college bias

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(Centennial Fellow) While some people consider the controversy in Jeffco schools over AP history standards to be a distraction from the debate over performance pay for teachers, the former issue will have a greater impact on students and the future of the nation in the long run. […]

Patterns of disengagement, disarmament, and decline

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(Hilton Head, S.C.) Tim Scott- the first African –American United States Senator from the South since the 19th century- is a conservative Republican who will cruise to a lopsided electoral victory in November. […]

The Judeo-Christian Worldview and Economics

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   Socialism embodies a lust for power based upon the deceit by man of man. Capitalism embodies a lust for wealth based upon the service by man to fellow man. Socialism concentrates power and wealth for a few. Capitalism diffuses power and wealth for many. These two opposing systems hold the promise of blessings or curses to the nation that adopts them. It is the imperative of ethics (oughtness) rather than the indicative of morality (what is practiced) that elevates the fate of a nation. A nation can not expect good if it is not itself good. The choice between capitalism and socialism is an ethical one. […]

Whittle: Taking Back the Moral High Ground

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PJ Media video commentator and director Bill Whittle closed Sunday morning’s session at the fourth annual Western Conservative Summit, urging attendees not to let progressives “get away with it anymore” by falsely claiming moral superiority. […]