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Think Again: The Real Debate: Are Americans Getting Trumped?

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(By Melanie Sturm, '76 Contributor) “There’s no trick to being a humorist when you have the entire government working for you,” Will Rogers quipped, capturing his era’s zeitgeist and explaining the popularity of our moment’s [...]

Rafael Cruz, Supportive Father and Fiery Minister

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Rafael Cruz, the proud father of Senator Ted Cruz, was one of the first keynote speakers for Friday night’s main session and spoke with passion and enthusiasm for his country and his son. He began with [...]

Establishment or Tea Party?

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(’76 Contributor)  George W. Bush strategist Karl Rove looked like the proverbial cat that ate the canary. Republicans had won control of the U.S. Senate and the newcomers were all his kind of politicians. Commenting for Fox TV election night he recounted successes in Colorado, North Carolina, Kansas, Mississippi and Tennessee primaries using his super-PAC American Crossroads’ millions to defeat Tea Party candidates who challenged his Republican establishment favorites. […]

Let freedom ring: words from the #WCS14

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Saturday night marks the midpoint of the 2014 Western Conservative Summit, and attendees from all backgrounds and generations react to speakers throughout the weekend so far: […]

Ten key moments from the 2013 Western Conservative Summit

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The Fourth Annual Western Conservative Summit proved to be a non-stop tour of memorable moments. From Mia Love’s address on opening night, to Allen West’s comments during Sunday’s lunch, attendees were treated to top conservative thinkers and national politicians. In addition to the networking opportunities, great vendors, and spark to action, the Summit harbored some powerful messages. After Senator Ted Cruz mentioned a petition to defund Obamacare (dontfundit.com) over ten thousand signatures were added within 24 hours. Here are just a few other memorable moments of WCS 2013: […]

Petition to Defund Obamacare Explodes after Ted Cruz Speaks to WCS

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Earlier in Today’s Western Conservative Summit, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) called on American conservatives to start signing a petition asking for the defunding of Obamacare. Cruz explained that when the time comes to vote for another Continuing Resolution, Cruz – along with Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) – have vowed to vote against any CR that includes funding for Obamacare. After Cruz’s announcement […]

Killing Obamacare, Ted Cruz Style

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Ted Cruz, while addressing the Western Conservative Summit, vowed to defund Obamacare this fall. Cruz explained […]

#WCS13 News Bureau to cover Western Conservative Summit

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The 2013 Western Conservative Summit will launch a news bureau, staffed by seasoned journalists Michael Sandoval and Michael Schaus, to cover and report on the event live from Friday, July 26, through Sunday, July 28. [...]