To whom be the thanks?

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(’76 Contributor) The Grim Reaper once chased me across Arkansas in a dark rainstorm into the arms of an angel.I was driving alone to Atlanta to deliver my old car […]

Does God or government deserve your Thanksgiving?

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Do you thank God or government for the circumstances of your life? It’s a relevant question as Americans approach Thanksgiving. The answer was clear to the extraordinary leaders who laid the groundwork for the colonies, fought for the founding of our country, and struggled to preserve our republic in the face of nationwide strife. […]

Preserving our blessings

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I’m thankful. I’m very thankful. And not just today, Thanksgiving Day, but every day. I grew up in a family with loving parents and siblings. I don’t mean to demean the rest of you, but I’ve got the world’s best wife (some of you are undoubtedly pretty good, but no one can hold a candle to Courtney, the love of my life). We have a home that someday we’ll own, in the great State of Colorado, a state whose abundance of outdoor beauty and recreation gave birth to my entrepreneurial spirit. We live in a land of liberty and opportunity, and for all these things, I’m grateful. […]