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No 51st state, but researchers laud "Weld County model"

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Weld County, big, oil-rich, and self-confident, the birthplace of last year’s secession movement, still wants bragging rights over its neighbors, even though voters squelched the 51st state idea. That’s the implication of a research report […]

Fracking and the Urban-Rural Conflict

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(’76 Contributor) President Barack Obama has promised to make economic inequality the central issue in congressional elections this year. Similarly, urban-centric activists in Colorado have launched […]

Weld County: ground zero in the anti-fracking battle

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In the last election, four Colorado cities voted to ban hydraulic fracking: Boulder, Broomfield, Loveland, and Fort Collins. Anti-fracking proponents promise to take their campaign statewide. Self-described ‘fractivist’ Shawn Davis stated “This is not an anti-fracking fight anymore, it’s a civil rights movement. Our civil rights to safety and protection have been taken away from us.” Davis represents organizations like Sierra Club, which oppose all fossil fuels, including natural gas. Anti-fracking bans have been enacted in New Jersey, New York, and Vermont, and in 400 cities around the country. […]