July 12 – 13, 2019

Colorado Convention Center

Attend the largest gathering of conservatives outside of Washington, D.C. Two full days of stellar speakers, workshops, policy analysis, outstanding panels, priceless networking, exhibitor trade show, inspiration, and more! All to advance faith, family, and freedom for our future.

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VIP Summit Pass – $500 per person
We invite you to join us as a VIP attendee and supporter of the 2018 Western Conservative Summit. The VIP Summit Pass offers an up-close and personal view of the event, including Reserved Seating in the front half of the ballroom, back-stage passes to the VIP lounge, special photo opportunities with main speakers, a seat at the William L. Armstrong Awards Dinner and more!
Summit Pass – $165 per person ($225 starting March 4)
Includes a two day access to the main stage, exhibit hall, workshops, book signings and more! (meals on your own; option to add Armstrong Gala for additional fee).
Summit Pass – Table of Ten – $148.50 per person ($202.50 starting March 4)
Includes a two day access to the main stage, exhibit hall, workshops, book signings and more! 10% Discount for purchasing a table for ten guests (meals on your own; option to add Armstrong Gala for additional fee).
Patriot Pass – $115 per person ($150 starting March 4)
Discounted pass offered to those under 30, Veterans, Active Military, Seniors- 60 and over, Educators, and Clergy. (meals on your own; option to add Armstrong Gala for additional fee).
Single Day Pass – Friday OR Saturday – $85 per person, per day ($125 starting March 4)
Includes a one day access to the main stage, exhibit hall, workshops, book signings and more. Choose Friday or Saturday to enjoy the Summit. (meals on your own; option to add Armstrong Gala for additional fee).
Single Session Pass – $50 per person, per session
Choose one or more Session Passes to attend the session of your choice. Your purchased pass(es) will be valid for that specific session(s) only. (meals on your own; option to add Armstrong Gala for additional fee).
William L. Armstrong Gala Dinner – $75 per person*
Our annual Saturday night dinner gala celebrates the conservative leadership of William L. (Bill) Armstrong. Purchase includes a formal plated dinner, awards presentation, entertainment, and speakers.

*Purchase of a Pass is required (i.e., Summit Pass, Day Pass, Patriot Pass or similar).

WCS19 Location: Colorado Convention Center, 700 14th St, Denver, CO 80202

*Subject to change.

Friday – July 12

8:00 AM Registration Begins Grand Concourse
Exhibit Hall Opens Four Seasons Ballroom
8:45 AM Opening Session Mile High Ballroom
1:00 PM Afternoon Session Mile High Ballroom
3:00 PM Workshops #1
4:15 PM Workshops #2
7:00 PM Evening Session Mile High Ballroom

Saturday – July 13

8:00 AM Registration Begins Grand Concourse
Exhibit Hall Opens Four Seasons Ballroom
8:30 AM Morning Session Mile High Ballroom
10:45 AM Workshop #3
1:00 PM Afternoon Session Mile High Ballroom
3:30 PM Workshop #4
5:30 PM Armstrong Awards Gala Mile High Ballroom
Exhibit Hall Four Seasons Ballroom
7:00 PM Closing Session Mile High Ballroom

2019 Workshop Schedule will be posted within 1-2 months of the 2019 Western Conservative Summit.

For now, please enjoy looking over our 2018 Workshop Schedule.

2018 Workshop Schedule

Friday, June 8 – Workshop Round #1

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Room 501 Why Religious Liberty?
Erik Stanley, Alliance Defending Freedom
Religious liberty is under increasing threat in today’s culture. Come learn more about why this is happening, why it affects all of us, and why it’s wrong to think you can’t do anything about it.
Room 502 Don’t Let Hollywood Win the Culture War Without a Fight
Christian Toto, Hollywood in Toto
Movies and TV shows are made to mint Democratic voters. Here’s how right-minded souls can fight fire with fire.
Room 503 If loving TABOR is wrong, then we don’t want to be right
Jon Caldara, Independence Institute
Politicians on both sides of the aisle hate the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, but you shouldn’t. We’ll tell you why.
Room 504 How Marijuana is hurting our youth and damaging Colorado
Justin Luke Riley, Founder, Marijuana Accountability Coalition
The data and research is clearly showing that marijuana is having a negative impact on youth in Colorado.
Room 505 Front Porch Politics: How to talk about issues without starting a back alley brawl
Allen Fuller, Principles That Matter                                                           Michael Fields, Americans for Prosperity
Today’s political debates often damage friendships and rarely change opinions. Learn how to persuade any audience, even your neighbors, from our panel of policy and communications experts.
Room 506 Cowboy Ethics: Western Values and Western Art
Dr. Tom Copeland, Professor of Political Science, Colorado Christian University

Kristin Wong, Curator, American Museum of Western Art

Explore how paintings of the American West embody the timeless spirit of the West – exploration and adventure, hard work and risk-taking, the sublime beauty of nature, and the conservation of culture and nature.
Room 507 Defending Religious Liberty and the U.S. Constitution
Jenna Ellis, Esq., Director of Public Policy, James Dobson Family Institute
Join Jenna Ellis, constitutional law attorney and Fox Business contributor, for her popular and informative discussion on the Christian worldview origins of the U.S. Constitution and how we can best defend religious liberty in America today.
Room 607 How to Promote the Culture of Life in 2018
Sara Lugo, Connie Weiskopf & Marisol Staff
Learn how to engage with others and promote a culture of life by approaching the whole person. Be equipped to converse with women and families faced with unexpected pregnancies by providing dignifying and life-affirming support.

Friday, June 8 – Workshop Round #2

4:15 PM – 5:15 PM

Room 501 Millennial Engagement Panel: Selfies, Sharing, and Searching for a Purpose
David Blair, Former Director Youth for Trump; Hannah Scherlacher, Program Manager at Campus Reform, The Leadership Institute; Travis Korson, Frontiers of Freedom
Millennials represent the largest voting block and soon will be the largest segment of the workforce. But do we really understand and relate to this important demographic? You will learn how to: Engage and attract younger voters, Persuade people who may not think like us, and Develop working relationships with millennials.
Room 502 A Vision of Engagement
Randy Wilson National Field Director for Church Ministries, Family Research Council, Mark Cowart, Senior Pastor, Author, Church for All Nations
He who sites at the Gates of the City directs the culture and family.
Room 503 Organizing for Victory – The Ground Game
Matt Batzel and Nick McIntyre, American Majority
Everyone needs boots on the ground to spread a message and gain support. We’ll talk about one of the most difficult but important parts of every campaign: the ground game.
Room 504  Energy Freedom Means Fossil Fuels
Fred Palmer, Senior Fellow for energy and climate, The Heartland Institute 
Energy freedom – the promotion of affordable, reliable, and plentiful energy – is the foundation of economic growth and prosperity. And for the foreseeable future, that can only be achieved with the responsible use of fossil fuels. Learn why carbon dioxide is not a pollutant or a danger to the planet, and why coal, oil, and natural gas is making the United States the global energy power.
Room 505 Millennial Diversity Workshop
Casper Stockham, Tina Francone, Tony Sanchez, Mark Barrington, Greg Lopez
How we became conservative and how we reach out to others.
Room 506 Raising Freedom on the 4 Pillars of Power: dismantling the progressive agenda, igniting a virtuous society
Debbie Chaves, Executive Director, Colorado Family Action and CFA Foundation
Room 507 #MillennialsRising: Millennial Influence on Policy
Jimmy Sengenberger, Millennial Public Policy Center
“Millennials” are the largest voting bloc in America. The oldest are in the mid-30’s now, busy having families, working, and impacting their local communities, while the youngest are mostly entering the workforce and beginning their active lives. How do we get these young adults engaged in conservative issues and causes?
Room 607 Women in the Workplace: A Conservative Approach
Hadley Heath Manning, Independent Women’s Forum (IWF)

Saturday, June 9 – Workshop Round #3

10:45 AM – 11:45 AM

Room 501 Israel Travel
Richard Liverance, ThM, DMin, Marketing Director, Western Region USA, Government of Israel Ministry of Tourism
Room 502 The Moral Case for Capitalism
Duane Lester, Grassroots Leadership Academy/Americans for Prosperity Foundation
Free markets have raised more people out of poverty than anything in human history, yet every day, more and more people believe socialism is the answer. This workshop will teach you that capitalism does the most good for the most people and how to explain it so people will listen.”
Room 503 In the Wake of Tragedy: How to Get Serious About School Safety
Steven P. Bucci, Visiting Fellow, Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign and National Security Policy at The Heritage Foundation; Jonathan Butcher, Senior Policy Analyst, Center for Education Policy, Institute for Family, Community, and Opportunity at The Heritage Foundation; Amy Swearer, Legal Policy Analyst in the Meese Center at The Heritage Foundation, and Laura Carno – Founder, FASTER Colorado
Join leading national and local voices for a discussion on how to ensure our children are safe and their rights are protected.
Room 504 Just Freedomfy it! Crowdfunding for the Right
Jarret Hamstreet, freedomfy project manager, and Tracy Smith, Creative Labs, Independence Institute
Looking for a safe space to promote your project, organization, or candidate? Afraid that Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube will censor you? Welcome to freedomfy, a safe place for freedom fighters and freedom funders to meet!
Room 505 The Secret Battle of Ideas
Dr. Jeff Myers, Summit Ministries
Bad ideas infect us like viruses, but we’re not helpless. We can understand the times in which we live and respond confidently with a reasonable, intelligent Christian worldview. Here’s how.
Room 506 The Fight for the Judiciary in the Age of Trump
Gary Marx, Senior Adviser, Judicial Crisis Network 
The Judicial Crisis Network has spearheaded the fight against judicial activism in our courts for nearly 15 years now and the time has never been more critical to engage in this battle as we sit on the edge of a potential realignment of the nation’s courts.
Room 507 Big Challenges in the Fight for Freedom and Liberty
John Fund, National Review; George Landrith and Travis Korson, Frontiers of Freedom
Join Frontiers of Freedom for a panel discussing some of the biggest challenges in today’s fight for freedom and liberty. This “Hot Topics” panel will feature issues that are relevant to current public policy debates. (An iPad will be raffled off at the end of the presentation.)
Room 607 Social Media: Roll with the Changes
Matt Batzel and Nick McIntyre, American Majority
The 2016 elections changed the landscape of social media and led to drastic changes in how we view publishers and news platforms. Learn how conservatives can roll with the changes and maximize their impact online.

Saturday, June 9 – Workshop Round #4

3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Room 501 Intolerance or Ignorance- Understanding People Who Aren’t Like Us
Robert Arnakis, Sr. Director of Domestic and International Programs, Abby Alger, Digital Director, The Leadership Institute
In 2018, millennials surpassed the baby-boomers as the largest voter-eligible block in America. In Colorado 21% of the population is Hispanic and is often misunderstood. Developing honest relationships and dialogue can win the hearts and minds of these key groups. You will learn how to: Understand how voters judge and choose, Explain the Selfie-Generation, and Become more authentic and less antagonistic.
Room 502 The Suicide of the University
Charlie Copeland, President, Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Steven Hayward, Senior Resident Scholar, University of California, Berkeley
Why the campus crisis is even worse than you thought.
Room 504 Panel: The 2018 EMP Threat, the Costs of NOT Hardening the Grid, and Emergency Planning
Frank Gaffney, Dwight Eckert, Randy White, and Glenn Rhoades, Secure the Grid
Room 505 Constitutionally-Sound Solutions for our Public Lands – the Compelling Case to Transfer Federally Controlled Public Lands to Willing States
The Hon. Jennifer Fielder, CEO, American Lands Council
Everybody wants healthy air, water, and wildlife, but out-of-touch and heavy-handed federal control of western lands has been delivering just the opposite for decades. Loosening Washington DC’s grip and freeing our land from distant bureaucracies will provide the flexibility local land managers and local communities need to govern public land in a responsible way that benefits both people and the environment. This workshop will focus on the constitutionally-sound, cutting edge pathways for better access, health, and productivity on our public lands including the compelling case for transferring federally controlled public lands to willing States.
Room 506 Millennial Engagement Panel: Selfies, Sharing, and Searching for a Purpose
David Blair, Former Director Youth for Trump, Hannah Scherlacher, Program Manager at Campus Reform The Leadership Institute, and Travis Korson, Frontiers of Freedom
Millennials represent the largest voting block and soon will be the largest segment of the workforce. But do we really understand and relate to this important demographic? You will learn how to: Engage and attract younger voters, Persuade people who may not think like us, and Develop working relationships with millennials.
Room 507 Conservatives of All Colors Internship Program
Derrick Wilburn, Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives
How do conservatives reach black-American millennials? One at a time!



Former Attorney General Honored for Service to Country

LAKEWOOD, COLORADO—William L. Armstrong was a follower of Christ, husband, father, grandfather, US Senator, Colorado Christian University President, businessman, and friend to all. William L. Armstrong provided the visionary leadership to create the Western Conservative Summit.

The Centennial Institute salutes the farseeing leader of today, unselfed, undaunted, who urge us towards the high peaks of freedom.

Colorado Christian University’s Centennial Institute honored former U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese III with the William L. Armstrong Award for visionary leadership in service to the American idea on Saturday, June 9, 2018 at the William L. Armstrong Gala during the Western Conservative Summit.

“With a lifetime of service to the founding principles of our country, we are honored to bestow this award upon Attorney General Ed Meese,” said Jeff Hunt, Chairman of the Western Conservative Summit. “William L. Armstrong was a follower of Christ, husband, father, grandfather, senator, college president, businessman, and a friend of all. President Armstrong provided the visionary leadership to create the Western Conservative Summit.”

Former Attorney General Meese reminded the enthusiastic crowd of President Ronald Reagan’s true legacy and why it is even more important today.  He said: “Our job as conservatives is to preserve and promote the lessons we learned from President Ronald Reagan and to motivate our leaders and our citizens to support the principles, the policies, and the practices that Ronald Reagan demonstrated to our nation. Thus, we can continue Ronald Reagan’s quest to ensure that the United States remains his beloved shinning city on a hill, an example for the rest of the world, and a beacon of liberty to people throughout the world.”

Edwin Meese III, the prominent conservative leader, thinker and elder statesman, continues a quarter-century formal association with The Heritage Foundation as the leading think tank’s Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow Emeritus.

During the Reagan governorship, Meese served as executive assistant and chief of staff from 1969 through 1974 and as legal affairs secretary from 1967 through 1968. He previously was deputy district attorney in Alameda County, Calif.

From January 1981 to February 1985, Meese held the position of counsellor to the president — the senior job on the White House staff — and functioned as Reagan’s chief policy adviser.

Meese served as the 75th attorney general of the United States from February 1985 to August 1988. As the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, he directed the Justice Department and led international efforts to combat terrorism, drug trafficking and organized crime.

Western Conservative Summit 2019 will be held near the Hyatt Regency in downtown Denver. The Denver Hyatt Regency boasts some of the most spectacular views of the Denver Skyline and is close to many other fantastic downtown Denver attractions.

We have contracted a special rate of $219 per night (single/double occupancies), plus tax and applicable charges, for our guests of the Western Conservative Summit 2019.  Book through the link below to receive the discounted rate. Rate is subject to availability.

Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center
650 15th Street
Denver, CO 80202
Reservations: 1-888-421-1442
Driving Directions & Map

For reservations over the phone, mention “Centennial Institute – Western Conservative Summit 2019.″

Association of Mature American Citizens Independent Women’s Forum
Approval Voting The John Birch Society
Ascent Classical Academy Law Enforcement Charitable Foundation
CCU Alumni Association National Rifle Association
Colorado Family Action Principles that Matter
The David Horowitz Freedom Center Secure the Grid Coalition/EMP Taskforce
Frontiers of Freedom The Center for Relationship Education

Exhibiting at the Western Conservative Summit is a great opportunity to get your information to conservative grassroots activists. Receive specific details in our Exhibitor Brochure, including exhibit hall hours, shipping your materials, move-in information, exhibitor guidelines, and more.

Want to be an exhibitor? Complete the Exhibitor Application to get the registration process started.

Still have questions? Contact Dawn Grubb at Dawn@Legacyevents.com.

2018 Exhibit Hall Photos

Working media can attend complimentary, pending approval. Credentialed media are allowed to attend main stage events (no meals are provided), in addition to access to the Summit Media Hospitality Lounge.

For any further inquiries, please email Jim Czupor at zjames@interprogroup.com

To register for media credentials, click HERE. 

Student Opportunities

Young Christian Conservative Leadership Conference

Discover your potential, envision your future, and be inspired for freedom at the Young Christian Conservatives Leadership Conference (YCCLC).

You’re invited to spend an extraordinary week at Colorado Christian University with like-minded young Christian Conservatives, enjoying the Colorado summer, while gaining the knowledge and skills to be a citizen who can not only identify key issues facing our nation today, but understand what it takes to affect change within them.

Who’s invited?

Young Christians age 16-20 who desire to work on leadership development, learn about politics in a free society, make new friends, and share ideas about America’s future – all within a Christian worldview.

Experience the Western Conservative Summit 2019

YCCLC ends at the Western Conservative Summit 2019 — the largest gathering of conservatives outside of Washington, D.C. — where you will hear from prominent political and conservative culture leaders from all over the U.S. as we seek to advance faith, family and freedom.

Registration will open in Spring 2019.

Click HERE for additional conference information.

Shining City Scholars

We are no longer offering scholarships for the Shining City Scholar program.

If you were a previous Shining City Scholar and still attending high school, please contact us about special rates for this year’s Western Conservative Summit: scs@ccu.edu.

Under 30 Speech Contest

Red Alert Politics is known for their “30 Under 30” awards which highlight young, right-of-center leaders who are making an exceptional impact on their campuses or in their communities. In particular, they seek to highlight those who champion the principles of liberty, personal freedom, good citizenship, and free enterprise.

For more information about entering the contest, click HERE.

Red Alert Politics is the proud sponsor of our national under-30 conservative speech contest.

Red Alert Politics is known for their “30 Under 30” awards which highlight young, right-of-center leaders who are making an exceptional impact on their campuses or in their communities. In particular, they seek to highlight those who champion the principles of liberty, personal freedom, good citizenship, and free enterprise.

More information coming soon on how to apply!

Under 30 Speech Winner, Madison Spanodemos – Western Conservative Summit 2018

Under 30 Speech Winner, Adam Densmore – Western Conservative Summit 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration & Purchases

Are there refunds if I’m unable to attend?

Through April 12 – full refund less a 25% cancellation fee

April 13 – May 25 – full refund less a 50% cancellation fee

After May 25 – no refunds

You may substitute or transfer your registration to another person at any time by calling 866-455-8500 or emailing wcsinfo@yesevents.com.

Are there books/videos/products for sale at the Summit?
There will be a bookstore throughout the Summit, as well as a number of exhibitors who will bring a variety of interesting, informative or just-for-fun offerings including attire, jewelry, accessories and stickers. Speakers’ books, CD’s and DVD’s will be available. DVD sets of the Summit sessions will also be available for purchase onsite and after the event. Most will accept cash, credit or check.

Food and Attire

What meals and food are included?
Light snacks and beverages will be available for purchase throughout the weekend. A number of food and beverage concessions will be open all weekend at the Convention Center. Summit attendees will find or bring their own meals during program breaks at the lunch and dinner times.**

There are many options in downtown Denver for dinner and lunch. There will be no general sessions going on during the meal times – instead everyone will have a chance to stretch their legs, visit exhibits, connect with colleagues, and discuss the sessions over independent meals.

EXCEPTIONS **Those who purchase passes with special meals included.

For students participating in Young Christian Conservatives Leadership Conference or Shining City Scholars, there will be special arrangements for meals while at the Summit.

What is the Dress Code?
In general, our Summit delegates choose business casual attire. As with any event held in a ballroom, a light sweater or jacket is recommended for temperature fluctuations.

Comfortable shoes are recommended for enjoying the exhibit area and for walking throughout the Colorado Convention Center. Denver in the summer can present delightful late afternoon rain showers, so an umbrella is not a bad idea.

Trams are available between the front door of the Colorado Convention Center and the conference area, in case assistance in necessary.


Hyatt Regency Colorado Convention Center
The Western Conservative has partnered with the Hyatt Regency at Colorado Convention Center to receive a discounted guest room rate. For more information, visit the Hotel tab on the website. We encourage you to book your room through the Hyatt Regency so we can continue to offer discounts each year.


All programs and exhibits at the Colorado Convention Center, 700 14th St, Denver CO 80202.

Main stage, Registration, Exhibits, Workshops and WCS18 headquarters are located at the Colorado Convention Center.

What about parking?
The Colorado Convention Center has self-parking on site. Rates are as follows:

  • Up to 8 hours: $12.00, Up to 12 hours: $15.00, up to 18 hours: $17.00 and up to 24 hours: $25.00.
  • There are a number of public pay lots throughout downtown.
  • Visit the CCC parking page to learn how to pay for parking and special rates for electric/hybrid cars.

Is parking included for hotel guests?
Hotel guests will pay the same flat daily rate as visitors to the hotel, and it will be added to your hotel bill.

Can I get there using public transportation?
Yes! There are 2 light rail (RTD) stops within a block of the Colorado Convention Center. For schedules and maps go to www.rtd.denver.com

Visit Getting to the Center for more information about modes of transportation.

Colorado Convention Center meets ADA standards for accessibility in its rooms and public areas. Event team members will be available to assist. Online information is available.

Need airport transportation?
There is no shuttle provided by the Hyatt Regency. We suggest Super Shuttle, taxi, Uber/Lyft, or private car.

Program and Schedule

How will I know who is speaking when? Who are your confirmed speakers?
The schedule will be published closer to the event. That said, expect that schedule to change. We maintain a somewhat flexible agenda in order to accommodate last minute availability of special and high profile speakers. Although unconventional and a bit nerve wracking, the benefits of our flexibility more than outweigh the mild uncertainty as we discover what wonderful surprises develop.

Are there breakout sessions or small group discussions?
The primary programs for the Summit are the plenary/general session events in the Mile High Ballroom at the Colorado Convention Center. Everyone at these events will hear the same message at the same time. Seating in the Ballroom is at round tables and theater style with excellent sightlines from anywhere in the house. Some speakers will engage in Q & A from the floor or via text/twitter submissions. Networking and visiting is encouraged during the breaks. There will be a number of book signing opportunities with select speakers.

In addition to the large general sessions, there will be a range of workshops every afternoon. These workshops allow for more interaction and discussion with each other and with the presenters.

Can children attend the Summit?
Teens and young teens will find the program engaging and we welcome them to register at the highly discounted Under-30 Summit Pass rate.

Young people age 16 – 20 should consider registering for the Young Christian Conservatives Leadership Conference for the full week, which includes the Summit. High School juniors and seniors may also apply to participate in the Summit as a Shining City Scholar.

We do not suggest bringing young children who would find the proceedings too long for their attention span or who would create a distraction by their presence.

Security Policy & Prohibited Items

All guests are subject to search.

Please arrive early. Anyone entering the Convention Center for an event is subject to a reasonable search including, but not limited to, metal detection and/or a bag search. Security reserves the right to inspect personal belongings of suspicious nature. This includes bags/backpacks, purses, coats, and hats. Your experience will be much like an airport so it is highly recommended that you arrive early.

In the event that prohibited items are revealed during a search, the guest will be permitted to return to their vehicle with the item or the item will be confiscated. Venue management reserves final decision on items allowed into the event.

Prohibited Items:

Your security check experience will be much like an airport’s security process. Please ensure that you do not bring any of the following items:

  • All outside food or beverages including alcoholic beverages
  • Illegal drugs
  • Laser pointers (devices will be confiscated and patron is subject to ejection)
  • All recording devices (audio, video & cameras as stipulated by the event. Recording media is subject to confiscation)
  • Weapons or any items construed as weapons (firearms, knives, sticks, chemical spray devices etc.)*
  • Air horns, bullhorns or other distracting noisemakers
  • Animals (service animals are the only exception)
  • Personal property that is potentially hazardous to other patrons (wallet chains, jewelry with spikes, etc.)

*Guests with concealed handgun permits are not allowed to carry handguns into the facility.