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    Dear Friend of Freedom:

    John AndrewsWestern Conservative Summit 2014, "America at Its Best," is now in the history books. We at Centennial Institute and Colorado Christian University send our thanks to all the delegates, speakers, volunteers, exhibitors, hosts, sponsors, partners, donors, vendors, and news media who helped make our fifth annual rally on the right the biggest and best one yet. Some 3300 people took part in this terrific freedom weekend. From this page you can visit our video archive, order DVDs, shop at the Summit store, and join our list for program updates in the months ahead. After all, WCS15 is just 11 months away!

    - John Andrews, Summit Chairman

    Stellar Speakers & Extraordinary Entertainment

    Dr. Ben Carson
    Ted Cruz
    Mike Lee
    Bobby Jindal
    Hugh Hewitt
    Michele Bachmann
    Sarah Palin
    Allen West
    Tim Scott
    Betsey McCaughey
    Jim Demint
    Daniel Hannan
    Robert Woodson
    Dennis Prager
    Mary Katharine Ham
    Elbert Guillory
    Guy Benson
    Nick Adams
    Charlie Kirk
    Ralph Reed
    James Golden
    Ben Shapiro
    Katie Pavlich
    John Andrews
    Bill Armstrong
    Linda Chavez
    Jenny Beth Martin
    Shawn Welcome
    David Garibaldi
    Warren Smith
    Tammy Bruce
    Ann McIlhenny
    Phelim McAleer
    Ashley Pratte
    Buster Soaries
    Anthony Kearns
    Legacy Quartet
    The Silhouettes

    Allen West put it best: "Western Conservative Summit has become the premiere summer destination for Americans who still believe in freedom, family, faith, and the future."

    Heading into a year of great issues and crucial decisions, we bring you the most exciting Summit yet.
    You've never been to a weekend with more stars, more sizzle, more learning, more networking, and more altitude.
    We're taking over downtown Denver with added venues. We're introducing new value pricing to put tickets in everyone's reach.

    Who will set the agenda in 2014? Why not us?

    3 Days, 20 Speakers
    30 Workshops, 100 Exhibitors
    2000 Delegates, adds up to:
    1 Great Weekend