Young Conservatives Leadership Conference III

Want to be your best and help America be its best?

Join us for a week with Hugh Hewitt

Discover your potential, envision your future, and be inspired for freedom. Spend an extraordinary week at Colorado Christian University with like-minded young Americans, enjoying the Colorado summer, while gaining the knowledge and skills to do your part in keeping our country great.

June 26 – July 3 at Colorado Christian University

How to Attend

Thank you for your interest in the Young Conservative Leadership Conference.  Registration is now open.  Please contact Mary Weston at 303.963.3362 or if you have any questions or concerns.

What You Need To Know

Who’s Invited
Students age 16-20 who desire to work on leadership development, learn about politics in a free society, make new friends, and share ideas about America’s future.
Lead Conference Instructor
Hugh Hewitt; national radio host, constitutional law professor, author, and Reagan appointee. Second year participants will have five separate speakers every morning from national and local levels of politics as they explore the five key issues of the upcoming elections together.
Young Conservatives Leadership Conference II
Last June, YCLC II drew 150 students from 21 states. They said things like, “Changed my life”…”Surpassed my expectations”…”Expanded my horizons”. Many said they’ll be back, so this years 250 spaces will fill fast. Better reserve now.
Why This Conference

This conference will give you the basics of conservative thought in several key areas of politics as well as a sound foundation of leadership principles to help you understand the call of the Christian in the public square: to lead, be assertive, champion issues, and be a change agent. You will have a chance to become familiar with what the real issues that affect America are from people who live and work within the system of government so that you will be able to identify the truth about where this country is going and what can be done about it. With afternoon workshops on leadership you will be able to learn valuable skills that will practically help you have a vision for leading change as you move on with your life in your schools, communities, and churches. Wrapping up the week at the Western Conservative Summit will further equip you as you hear from prominent political and government leaders from all over the US and world on their views of where this country is going and how you can be involved. Overall, you will be informed, equipped, and motivated to be a citizen that can identify the key issues, what’s behind them, and what it takes to affect change within them.

Morning and Afternoon Classes

Morning Session Will Cover

For First Year Students
What are the great issues of the coming decade?
Why is America exceptional among the nations (if it is)?
How should God and politics interact (if at all)?
What’s your role in citizenship and leadership?
Who are the thinkers and role models you can trust?

For Second and Third Year Students
What are the key issues of the upcoming elections?
What does it mean to be a conservative?
Explore immigration, foreign policy and National defense, the Supreme Court, Religious Liberty, and the economy/debt, with some of the leading policy minds.

Afternoon Sessions Will Cover
All participants will have a chance to be in afternoon workshops in key areas of Leadership, Great Issues, Biblical Leadership, Great Issues of the Century, Media Influence, and many more.

Local Excursions and Other Activities

All participants will enjoy several Colorado excursions during the evenings and afternoons including whitewater rafting, a Colorado Rockies game, enjoying downtown and eating in several local restaurants, a Service Day project, chapel and worship, a volleyball tourney, and more.

Your Week Wraps Up at Summit

As a YCLC student, your fabulous Colorado week will conclude with participation in every minute of Western Conservative Summit 2016 with it’s stellar lineup of speakers and electrifying freedom atmosphere.

You’ll Become an Armstrong Fellow

Eight amazing days at YCLC III are just the beginning of your new opportunities. Completing the class qualifies you as an Armstrong Fellow, so named in honor of former US Senator and now CCU President William Armstrong. Having bonded, the fellows stay in touch and support each other’s citizenship endeavors.

Important Resources

$250 for the week, ALL INCLUSIVE: lodging, meals, activities, and transportation in Denver

Register Here

You can register here by clicking the link below!


Program, Monday-Thursday

  • Conference delegates will stay on the CCU campus
  • Classroom sessions every morning
  • Workshops & field trips around Denver every afternoon
  • Social & recreation every evening

Program, Friday-Sunday

  • Conference delegates will stay on the CCU campus
  • Attend Western Conservative Summit 2016 at Colorado Convention Center
  • 20 outstanding speakers
  • 30 citizen action workshops
  • Special youth track for under-30s
Important Dates

June 26-July 3


10am and 12:30pm

Sunday, June 26

1-2pm – Check in on CCU’s campus

Sunday, July 3

2pm – Conference ends; pick up on CCU campus


Will leave CCU to DIA at 2pm

Schedule Highlights

Download Schedule

First Events-Sunday, June 26
1 – 2 pm  Check in, move in
3 pm Group Activity
5 pm Banquet
7 pm Orientation
8 pm Opening Speaker
Week Day Mornings
8 am Breakfast and Group Time
9 am Hugh Hewitt
11:30 am Leadership Institute Sessions

Small group lunch discussions every
week day with Hugh Hewitt

Monday and Tuesday Afternoon Workshops

Weekday Afternoon and Evening Excursions
Colorado Rockies Baseball Game, White Water Rafting, Local Service Projects
Leadership Development Each Day
 Group Collaboration and Discussions on Relevant Cultural Issues
Closing Events-Weekend at the Western Conservative Summit
Inspiring speakers, Dinners in downtown Denver, Youth Party,
Presidential Candidates Confirmed for the Summit
Conference Ends Back on CCU’s Campus
12 pm Lunch
1 pm  Clean up and check out
2 pm Conference is finished (pick up on CCU’s campus or 2 pm shuttle to DIA)
YCLC 2016 FAQs

Download FAQ’s

What time should I arrive?
YCLC starts on Sunday, June 26th. Check in will start at 1pm on CCU’s campus.

When is the conference over?
YCLC ends after the Summit weekend, on Sunday, July 3, at 2pm. Pick up on CCU campus or Airport Shuttle leaves from CCU campus at 2pm.

Can you pick me up from the airport?
Yes. Please be sure to let us know the airlines you are flying, your flight number, and your scheduled time of arrival (provide this information on the required online form from our webpage). We will confirm with you where we will meet you. We’ll also give you a ride back to the airport at the end of YCLC and Summit. Please try to arrange your flights around our offered shuttle times: 10am and 12:30pm on Sunday, June 26; 2pm (from CCU campus-1 hr to DIA) on Sunday, July 3. We cannot accommodate arrivals on Saturday (6/25) or departures on Monday (7/4).

If I drive, where will I park?
Initially, you can park close to the check in location at Yetter Hall. After check in, you can park on the CCU campus close to Yetter Hall where you will be staying.

Where do I check in?
Check in will be in CCU’s Yetter Hall. Drive in from Alameda at our main entrance (8787 W. Alameda Ave.). Yetter Hall will be on your left.

What is the lodging like?
You’ll be staying in CCU’s Yetter Hall apartments. Each apartment has a living room, small kitchen, and 3 bedrooms with extra-long twin beds. For YCLC, there will be upper-class CCU students serving as your Resident Assistants and guides for the week. Linens will be provided.

Do I get to choose my roommate?
You can request a roommate after you register on the required online form, and we will do our best to place you together. It will partly depend on when you both register for YCLC.

Do I need to bring bedding or towels?
CCU will provide your bedding, pillow, and bath towels. You will need to bring your own beach/pool towel for at least one of our outings.

If my parents/family will be at the Summit, can I stay with them for the weekend?
Yes, but you will need to sign out from YCLC. Please communicate this on required online form on our webpage. We encourage you to stay at CCU the whole time with the YCLC group and get the most out of the leadership experience.

What should I wear?
The first night of the conference, we will have a banquet. Please bring a business casual outfit for the banquet. Dress during the week will be casual, comfortable, and modest. Be sure to bring clothes and shoes for field trips around Denver, as well as a modest swimsuit. You will need close toed shoes for our service projects. For the weekend at the Summit, you will need to dress in business casual. Bring one “dressier” outfit for a night at the Summit.

Do I need to bring any money?
The YCLC registration fee of $250 covers all food, lodging, activities, and the Summit. You may want to bring some spending money (maybe $20) for extra snacks, souvenirs, etc.

Where and what will we be eating?
Some meals will be on CCU’s campus and others will be at local restaurants. You’ll enjoy a variety of casual food. Be sure to let us know if you have special dietary needs or restrictions (you will be asked this on the required online form).

What will the field trips be?
Fun! We definitely want you to be able to experience Denver and explore the beautiful Colorado outdoors! We’ll be traveling to different places each afternoon during the week. (A Colorado Rockies Baseball game, Whitewater rafting, local service projects, and more!)

Will I be able to find out more about CCU while I’m there?
We will provide you with some information about all that CCU offers and take you on a tour of our campus. You’ll also be spending time with some CCU students that are happy to tell you about their experience here.

What will the weather be like?
Typical weather in Denver in June is highs in the 70’s to 80’s and lows in the 50’s, with plenty of sunshine. A hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are great to wear in the Colorado sun. Bring a light jacket or sweatshirt for evening excursions. You’ll probably want a nicer jacket or sweater for the Summit meetings in the Denver Convention Center.

How will we get around Denver?
CCU will provide transportation in vans or buses. The YCLC group will all travel from place to place together.

How many students will be at YCLC?
We are expecting about 100 to 150+ students to attend.

What’s the schedule?
During the week, a typical day will be: breakfast and session at CCU, lunch, outing, dinner, and social event. During the Summit weekend, meals will be at CCU or close to the Denver Convention Center and sessions will be at the Denver Convention Center. You’ll sleep on the CCU campus every evening.

What should I pack?
Here’s a suggested basic list:

  • Comfortable, casual clothes for during the week
  • Business casual clothes for the Summit weekend and for 1st night banquet
  • One “dressier” outfit for Friday night at the Summit
  • Tennis shoes
  • Sandals (or similar)
  • Lightweight jacket or sweatshirt
  • Modest swimsuit with cover-up (can cover with shorts and t-shirt)
  • Beach/pool towel
  • Spending money (for any extras you may want)
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Toiletries
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Umbrella (just in case…)
  • Bible, notebook, pen

Is there anything I need to do before I arrive for YCLC?
Be sure you have filled out the required/applicable online forms on our webpage and the separate rafting release form.

Is it possible to get a refund if I can‘t attend YCLC?
You can get a full refund until June 10.

Who can my parents/guardian contact in case of emergency during the week of YCLC?
From 9am-5pm during the week, please call Mary at 303.963.3362.
After hours or over the weekend, please call CCU Security at 303.963.3222.

Do you have to be a Christian to attend YCLC?
No, but YCLC will be presenting from a Christian worldview and perspective. There will also be Christian activities such as chapel and prayer groups. A large number of attendees will be Christians.

What if I have more questions?
We are happy to help! Email at or call Mary at 303.963.3362.

CCU Campus Map

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