• Graduate and Family

    Commencement 2015

    Planning Your Weekend: Important Information for Families and Guests

    CCU is expecting over 3,000 guests at the 2015 Commencement Ceremony. This will require attendees to arrive well in advance of the event due to traffic considerations and the walk to the facilities. Colorado weather can be unpredictable, and we have experienced all kinds of weather. Because we anticipate many guests and heavy traffic, please allow ample time for parking and walking to the facilities.


    Cherry Hills Community Church is located at 3900 E. Grace Boulevard in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. From C470 and University Boulevard, go south on University. Follow University for approximately two miles to a traffic light at Highlands Ranch Parkway. Turn right at Highlands Ranch Parkway. Go one block to the traffic light at Fairview Parkway and turn left. Drive past the shopping center to Grace Boulevard, and turn left again. Continue approximately one block to the church driveway; turn right to enter.


    Though no tickets are issued for the ceremony, the Worship Center allows for six guests per graduate. Please invite a reasonable number of guests. Doors to the Worship Center will open for guest seating at 9:00 a.m. In order to better enjoy the morning, plan ahead and be early. Seats that are being saved for late arriving guests must be released by 9:45 a.m. to accommodate other guests who are present and waiting for a seat.  Be sure to communicate this to all family and friends who will be attending the Commencement ceremony.


    Ample parking is available in the parking lots surrounding Cherry Hills Community Church. A circular driveway for drop off is located directly in front of the Worship Center where the ceremony will be held. Please allow plenty of time for parking prior to the ceremony, and especially for exiting the parking lot afterwards.

    Accessibility for Guests

    • There are a limited number of handicapped parking spaces that will allow you to park closer than the majority of parking spaces, however even these are not extremely close to the building, so please plan accordingly. There are a limited number of wheelchair accessible seats/spots in the Worship Center. Arriving early will ensure that you are able to procure one of those available. There will be adequate restrooms with wheelchair accessibility, although there may be a wait for their use. In order to assure that you and your guests have a more enjoyable day, please be sure to take into account the busyness of the day's activities.
    • Seats will be reserved for hearing impaired guests who wish to sit in close proximity to the interpreter.
    • Guests with any physical, auditory, or visual disabilities should arrive early in order to ensure they have time to find seats with their family members in an area that will best meet their needs.

    For guests unable to attend the ceremony in person, the ceremony will be available to watch live online.