• Dual Credit

    Dual Credit Program

    Colorado Christian University (CCU) offers Dual Credit courses to high school, delivering college credits for courses taught on your campus, with the school’s curriculum and by the school’s instructors.

    CCU is a fully accredited, four-year Christian university located in Denver, CO. Our accreditation, through the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of College and Schools, means that credits are transferable to almost any school in the nation-including state universities and private colleges.

    The Dual Enrollment Department has four regional representatives who serve all 50 states. We also serve schools internationally. 

    Dual Credit Representatives assist with student registration by presenting the benefits and processes in all dual credit classes. The representatives work with school guidance counselors and/or principals in offering collegiate level CCU Dual Credit courses in order to assist families with the financial burden of college tuition.

    High school students will get:
    • An opportunity to gain college credit in high school at an affordable rate;
    • Credits transferable to almost any university in the nation;
    • Preparation for the next step in their lives while enjoying high school.

    Application Process

    Individual high schools choose which courses they would like to make dual credit and apply for approval. Most schools choose to make certain honors and AP courses dual credit, but we are open to other unique courses in your curriculum. Plus, there’s no fee to apply for dual credit courses and no restrictions to how many or few a school can offer.

    High schools must submit an application and supporting documentation for each course they select for the program. CCU requires the following documents for a complete submission: the application form, resume and transcripts of the instructor, a comprehensive course syllabus, and examples of exams and assignments. The course will then go through an approval process with CCU’s Academic Affairs office.

    Individual high schools determine which students are eligible for dual credit courses and how many each student can take. Typically, these are junior and senior-level courses that are more rigorous than normal curriculum.

    Student Registration Process

    Once a student enrolls for the dual credit course at the high school, they can visit secure.ccu.edu/dualcredits to fill out the registration form and pay the $200 course fee.

    Enrollment for the fall ends on October 15 and spring registration ends on February 28. A student may withdraw from a course by returning to the registration page and filling out the withdrawal form. Tuition will be returned dependent on the date of withdrawal.

    Submitting Grades

    The high school is responsible for submitting final grades using CCU’s grading scale. At the conclusion of the course, your dual credit representative will contact you with information on how to submit grades.

    Transcript Request

    Students who have enrolled in a CCU dual credit course can submit a transcript order through our online ordering system at www.ccu.edu/transcript. If a student is placing this order before final grades have been posted, they should indicate on their order that they wish to have grades held for current semester grades.

    Dual Credit Scholarships

    Students who are enrolled in CCU’s Dual Credit Program are eligible to receive a $1,250 annual scholarship ($5,000 over four years) to CCU's College of Undergraduate Studies. Students who are attending a Christian High School will be eligible for CCU’s Partner in Christian Education Scholarship, and students who are attending a public high school are eligible for a Dual Credit Public High School Scholarship.

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    Dual Credit Program

    Phone: 303-963-3329

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    Fax: 303-963-3001

    Email: dualcredit@ccu.edu