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Mental Health – Adult/Alumni Careers

Mental Health – Adult/Alumni Careers

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From direct patient care, counseling, and research-driven psychology, these opportunities allow you to provide much needed care for people with disabilities, addictions, or mental illness.

KID COACH – Pay: $12-13/hour; Hours: M, W, F 2:30pm – 7pm; REF #790

This company wants you to join our enthusiastic team as a Coach at our non-medical center for kids who struggle with focus, behavior, academics, and social issues. As a coach, you will do the following tasks. Work with children to help them complete sensory-motor and cognitive activities. Provide support to students to stay focused and on task. Individualize the learning environment for each specific child to support their success. Be enthusiastic about working with children with patience, flexibility, commitment and the ability to multi-task. This is a great position for college students who want to gain experience with kids and learn about the brain. Contact EMS with the reference number through the Student Contact Form to learn more information and get started with the application process!

Pay: $12-13/hour

Hours: Part time, M, W, F 2:30pm – 7pm

Location: Highlands Ranch

YOUTH COUNSELOR POSITIONS–Pay: $12.50–$15.60; Hours: Full Time; REF #698-703

These Youth Counselor positions each provide a therapeutic balance of nurturing and limit-setting, demonstrating an understanding of the emotional needs of the children. Each of these positions are responsible for implementing treatment plans for children with multiple emotional needs and/or mental health concerns in a structured environment in various ways. Each position requires the equivalent of a psychology degree. Contact EMS with the reference number of the position(s) you are interested in through the Student Contact Form to learn more information and get started with the application process!

Youth Transition Counselor REF #698

Night Youth Treatment Counselor REF #699

Education Youth Transition Counselor REF #700

Sub Youth Transition Counselor REF #701

Family and School Support Specialist REF #703

Pay: $12.50 – $15.60

Hours: Full-time

Location: Denver

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