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CIS/IT – Undergrad Jobs

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Stay on the cutting edge of innovation by working in the technology sphere. Even if you don’t see yourself as a “tech” person, you might be surprised about what you already know!

DEVELOPER- Pay: $15-35/hour; Horus: 20+ hours/week; REF #1026

Have experience programming or experience making or maintaining applications? Or are just interested to learn programming and work on some real world applications? Here is the perfect job for you! We’re so excited about this new opportunity—Totally remote, totally on your own schedule (min of 20 hours/week), you can work more than 20 hours/week after training if you want, training is paid and remote, your pay increases as your experience and skills increase, AND they would love to have someone without much experience to completely train using their methods!! Interested? Contact EMS with the reference number through the Student Contact Form to learn more information and get started with the application process!

Pay: $15/hour starting, $17-35/hour as skills and independent working progresses

Hours: 20+ hours/week

Location: REMOTE!

REF #1026

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