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Mental Health – Undergrad Jobs

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Looking to work in the mental health industry? We have plenty of opportunities in counseling, care giving, and other support positions. Find your best-fit job here!

DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITY SUB-THERAPIST: Pay: $12.65/hour; Hours: 10-40 hours/week; REF #207

Over 54 million American’s are affected by either a physical or mental disability, meaning 20% of the U.S. population is in need of some kind of assistance. If you are pursuing a career in mental health, it is guaranteed that you will either serve clients that are affected by a disability either personally or with a family member. EMS partners with one of the top organizations in all of Colorado that seeks to provide services to adults who have a developmental disability (a disability that develops before adulthood). This organization has effectively partnered with CCU/EMS for the past three years through hiring Sub-Therapist’s. As a Sub-Therapist you will work with clients on an individually basis to provide the assistance they need, reinforce behavior modification plans as prescribed by licensed therapists, and develop meaningful relationships. Sub-Therapists will either work at group homes or at organizational main buildings. This organization provides several training and certifications in many areas including: abuse detection and reporting, administration of prescription medications, non-violent restraint certification, and behavior modification methods. CCU students have loved working as a Sub-Therapist and this organization would love more great students! This organization has several locations in Jefferson County and has hours available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, making it possible to create a work schedule that fits with your class requirements. Contact EMS with the reference number through the Student Contact Form to learn more information and get started with the application process! 

Hours: 10-40 hours/week

Pay: Starting $12.65/hour

Location: Jefferson County


SUPPORTED LIVING ASSOCIATE – Pay: $14+/hour; Hours: Part-Time/Full-Time/Summer only; REF #696

Work with a company that provides a range of services to adult developmentally disabled individuals! In this position, you will develop and provide client centered supported community connection programs, homemaker and mentorship services for developmentally/intellectually disabled clients. These services include helping/teaching them cooking, cleaning, hygiene, and how to live independently. Contact EMS with the reference number through the Student Contact Form to learn more information and get started with the application process!

Pay: $14+/hour

Hours: Part-Time/Full-Time/Summer only

Location: Colorado Springs

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