• Event Facilities

    All classrooms and meeting rooms come equipped with state-of-the-art technology including a computer with VCR/DVD capability, an overhead LCD projector and screen, and whiteboards. Internet access is also available by simply requesting a user login and password before arrival.

    Beckman Center: Used for conferences, meetings, displays, lectures, etc. Can be converted into one or two rooms. Media Unit available for both sides.
    Facilities Capacity
    Room 113 (Computer Lab) 20
    Room 114 26
    Room 115 40
    Room 201 12
    Room 202 71
    Room 210 71
    Dining Commons: Set up with chairs and/or round tables. Used for receptions, meetings, banquets, and conference space. Can be converted into one or two rooms. Media unit available with projector and screen.
    Facilities Capacity
    Annex 150
    Event Center: Used for large conference meetings, athletic camps, banquets or large special events. Bleacher set up is optional. Media and sound included for an extra fee.
    Facilities Capacity
    Event Center 1100
    Theater     450, banquet (tables not included)
     All classrooms include media unit.
    Patrick Henry Hall classrooms  
     Facilities  Capacity
    Room 100 30
    Room 101 36
    Room 102 30
    Room 103 36
    Room 105 24
    Room 106 16
    Room 108 50
    Susan B. Anthony Hall classrooms  
     Facilities  Capacity
    Room 101 36
    Room 103 36
    Music Center: Sanctuary and Fellowship Hall are used for music events, graduations, and conference meeting space. Stage area is 24'x40', included. Media and sound included for an extra fee.
    Facilities Capacity
    Room 118 26
    Room 213 71
    Auditorium 240
    Leprino Hall: Most classrooms have a media station with a projector, screen, and sound
    Facilities Capacity
    Room 102 60
    Room 104 40
    Room 106 60
    Room 202 60
    Room 203 16
    Room 204 38
    Room 206 60
    Room 230 (no media station) 20 
    Room 303 38
    Room 304 40
    Room 305 40
    Room 307 40
    Room 308 (no media station) 20
    Room 330 (no media station) 20
    Room 170/172  Multi-purpose room that can be divided, seating 100 on each side theater-style, or 80 on each side at round tables. When combined, the room can seat 200 theater-style, or 180 at round tables. Media stations are included. 
  • Classroom-Leprino

    Leprino multipurpose
    Conference Rooms

    Music Center
    Music Center

    Event Center
    Event Center

    Dining Commons
    Dining Commons