• Using Financial Aid in the CCU Bookstore

    Colorado Christian University students can now use financial aid funds directly at the CCU Bookstore to purchase textbooks and supplies. To help facilitate obtaining textbooks in a timely manner, CCU has made arrangements with the CCU Bookstore to allow students to charge the purchase of educationally related items against pending financial aid for the semester. Financial aid funds are not disbursed until after the start of the semester, but students usually need books before the term starts. Students now have a way to charge their books at the CCU Bookstore before their funds are disbursed and before the start of class. Amounts charged at the CCU Bookstore are deducted from students’ financial aid refund.

    Benefits for Students

    • Textbooks can be purchased with pending financial aid before your classes begin.
    • Book and supply costs are directly applied to your CCU student account.
    • You can take advantage of one convenient location to purchase all of your required course materials.
    • There is no need to wait for financial aid disbursement to buy your books.
    • You can use financial aid or sponsorship funding.
    • You only need your Student ID number to make a purchase.

    Financial aid must first be used to cover charges for tuition and fees. If there are additional funds after covering tuition and fees, these funds can be made available at the CCU Bookstore. You can use up to $1,000 for textbooks and up to $250 for educational supplies each semester, pending financial aid availability.

    In order to charge books and supplies to financial aid, students must meet several criteria.
    • Accept your financial aid award and complete all financial aid requirements.
    • Enroll in at least six credits (undergraduate) or 3 credits (graduate).
    • Make Satisfactory Academic Progress.
    • Have a sufficient financial aid award to cover tuition, fees, and the amount of your bookstore purchase.
    • Have no past-due charges on your CCU student account.
    View financial aid funds available for book and supply charges before purchasing from the CCU Bookstore.
    • Log in to WebAdvisor through the My CCU portal. (CCU student log in required)
    • Select “Financial Aid” and then “Bookstore Charge Transactions”.
    • Available bookstore authorizations will be viewable.
      - Maximum text book authorization - $1,000
      - Maximum educational supplies authorization - $250
      - Maximum available for bookstore purchases - $1,250
    • Please note, charges authorized at the CCU Bookstore may be less than that noted above, depending on student’s available financial aid.

    Students may visit the CCU Bookstore on the Lakewood campus, call the bookstore (303-963-3289), or visit the CCU Bookstore online to place their order. When ordering online, select the “Alternate Forms of Payment” drop-down menu, and then select “CCU Financial Aid” to charge bookstore purchases to financial aid. Students should verify the amount of financial aid funding available before charging bookstore purchases to financial aid. Purchase amounts greater than available financial aid must be covered by students out-of-pocket.

    Bookstore charges may be made at the following times:

    Semester First Day to use Financial Aid at the Bookstore Last Day to use Financial Aid at the Bookstore
    Spring 2015 December 15, 2014 March 27, 2015
    Summer 2015 March 30, 2015 July 24, 2015
    Fall 2015 July 27, 2015 December 4, 2015
    Spring 2016 December 7, 2015 March 18, 2016
    Summer 2016 March 21, 2016 July 15, 2016

    All bookstore charges using financial aid must be made at the CCU Bookstore, and must be used by the financial aid recipient only. Students must provide their CCU student ID number. The CCU Bookstore does not have the ability to locate student ID numbers. Students are only allowed to charge amounts available to them, depending on their student award minus tuition and fee charges. Sales tax and shipping charges are included.

    Financial aid bookstore charges cannot be used for general merchandise items or other items not required for educational purposes, such as food and apparel.

    Students who make changes to enrollment that reduce the amount of aid will still be responsible for any charges made in the CCU Bookstore.

    Students may not be eligible to buy books with financial aid funds if:
    • They have not completed all financial aid requirements for the term,
    • Their scheduled financial aid disbursement is not enough to cover tuition, fees and bookstore charges,
    • Their financial aid has already disbursed for the semester,
    • They are relying on an alternative loan to cover a portion of their tuition and fees,
    • They are not eligible for financial aid because of their Satisfactory Academic Progress,
    • They filed their FAFSA just prior to the start of class and have not been awarded yet, OR
    • They have a past-due balance on their CCU student account.

    Students who purchase books from a source other than the CCU Bookstore may receive their financial aid credit balance via direct deposit or check based on the disbursement schedule for their college. No refund of financial aid funds will be made prior to the scheduled date. Students who opt to purchase text books and course materials elsewhere should plan accordingly.

    CCU Bookstore Returns Policy

    Books may be returned to the CCU Bookstore for credit on account if students drop courses within the designated drop period. Books must be returned in original condition with the CCU Bookstore receipt. For credit, books must be returned on the following schedule:

    • Students taking classes in the College of Undergraduate Studies: Books must be returned by the Friday of the first week of the semester.
    • Students taking classes in the College of Undergraduate Studies, winter/spring terms and classes less than one week: Books must be returned prior to the first day of class.
    • Students taking classes in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies on the Lakewood campus, including cancelled classes: Books must be returned by the first class meeting time.
    • Students taking classes in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies off-campus (at one of the regional centers or online), including cancelled classes: Bookstore must be notified of return by first day of class. Books must be received within 10 business days at the bookstore.