One-Man Play by C. McNair Wilson: "From Up Here"

From Up HereThe Epic Comedy of God’s Greatest Hits

You are invited to join us at Colorado Christian University on Monday, February 3 or Tuesday, February 4, as guest artist C. McNair Wilson presents his one-man play: "From Up Here".

Wilson uses only a ladder, a scrap of paper, and a cup of water in a series of first-person accounts by fifteen of the most colorful, fascinating, larger-than-life characters from the Bible (and history.) We meet each one at a pivotal moment in their life and they show us how God gave them a new perspective – From Up Here.

McNair has spent his life in the theatre as actor, director, playwright, and educator. He has also spent his life in church. He noticed many of his favorite characters from Sunday School were UP: in a tree, tower, giant backyard-do-it-yourself boat, mountain, balcony, rooftop, camel, and cross. From up there, their perspective and their lives are changed.

McNair is the playwright behind “I,WITNESS” the highly acclaimed stage play of the life of Jesus as told by his friend Matthew. It’s World Premiere was at Colorado Christian University in 2011 – with an on-stage cast of more than sixty actors. Directed by CCU’s Sanne McCarthy, “I,WITNESS” was based on the novel “The Jesus Chronicles: Matthew’s Story” by Jerry B. Jenkins & Tim LaHaye.

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Tickets are free for CCU students and alumni, $10 for adults, $5 for children and seniors, and $25 for an immediate family. You may purchase tickets online, or by phone at 303-963-3333.


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