Debate: Hydraulic Fracturing – Good or Bad for Colorado?

Hydraulic Fracturing DebateDebate: "Hydraulic Fracturing: Good or Bad for Colorado?" Abundant, affordable, clean, reliable energy for America's prosperity and security, from domestically produced oil and gas, is suddenly a realistic possibility as the 21st century comes on. The key is a proven but newly prevalent technology called hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. But is it safe? Beneficial? Or too good to be true? Political activism against fracking surged in Colorado last year and may go statewide this year.

Join Centennial Institute on Monday, April 21, 7:00 p.m. at the CCU Beckman Center for a debate on the issue. Arguing in favor will be industry expert Simon Lomax and former state Sen. Josh Penry. Arguing against will be environmental activists Philip Doe and Wes Wilson.

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Admission is free and all are welcome, but reservations are required. Complete the RSVP form below or call 303-963-3424 to reserve your space. The Beckman Center is located near the Garrison Street entrance to Colorado Christian University.



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