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    Life Calling

    Knowing what you're called to do with your college degree can be challenging, and knowing HOW to get there can be even more difficult.

    That's why the Life Directions Center offers services to assist you in discerning your life calling. At the LDC you will find a supportive environment where you can explore how your strengths, interests, experiences, and personality come together to form your life calling- the distinctive way you glorify God.

    Here is a sampling of resources available:

    • Personality Assessment (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)
    • Strength’s Assessment (Clifton Strengths Finder)
    • Interest Inventory (Strong Interest Inventory)
    • Spiritual Gift Assessment
    • Life Calling Counseling
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    Life Directions Center

    Phone: 303-963-3010

    Fax: 303-963-3011

    Email: ldc@ccu.edu