CCU's Charles Denler Featured in World Magazine for Award-Winning Album

CCU Professor Charles Denler

Colorado Christian University’s Charles Denler will be featured in World Magazine this August for his new album, Moment At Dawn. The new album went to #10 on the radio charts in March and remained in the top 40 for four consecutive weeks.

Denler is an Emmy award-winning composer with nearly 200 film and television scores to his credit. He began his career as a worship pastor and music director, and first joined CCU as the School of Music's coordinator of composition and instructor of music in August 2014.

“The music editor [at World Magazine] had been listening to the album on a trip to the US from China,” shares Denler. “He emailed me and asked if he could put an article together by that Monday. It is incredibly exciting to reach a Christian audience. Most of my works are generally for the secular market, but Christians understand that they were written in the presence of God.”

This new album was recorded in 2013 at the live premier of An American Symphony No. 1 with an 80 piece orchestra and a 100 voice choir. “Moment At Dawn was written to present an image of hope,” says Denler. “The music moves between large orchestral pieces to very intimate piano solos. Radio stations have been calling it a fusion between classical and new age. The music is mainly instrumental with some choral embellishment.”

Charles describes the inspiration behind Moment At Dawn, “Have you ever been through something that felt like an eternal night that never seemed to end? Just when you were almost ready to give up, you noticed that the sun was beginning to peek over the horizon, announcing the advent of another day. Moment At Dawn is that moment when you suddenly realize that you have made it through to the other side, and you're going to be ok. I endeavored to create an album that reminded me of the hope, the promise of another day.”

The album won the 2016 Gold Medal at the Global Music Awards this last April. “It’s always nice to be recognized for your hard work, but honestly, it just felt like God was giving me a reassuring pat on the back,” Denler says. “Sometimes it’s nice to know you’re heading in the right direction. I have felt that God has called me to be an ambassador of peace and hope. The Gold Medal helps me reach further and deeper.”

Denler has composed for numerous documentaries, film and television programs, and promotional work, including music for: The United States Marines, The History Channel, Animal Planet, Honda, Coca Cola, Oprah, Dateline, PBS, NBC, NASA, and the new theme for The Colorado Rockies. This new album has opened more doors as Denler’s music is now receiving substantial radio airtime. Charles’ music can be found on Amazon, iTunes, and

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