CCU Unveils World Changers Scholarship

As part of Colorado Christian University’s strategic objective to become an ever greater magnet for outstanding students, CCU hosted the World Changers Scholarship Weekend this January. The competitive two-day event, which culminated in three students receiving a full-tuition scholarship to the College of Undergraduate Studies for four years, attracted 118 academically superb students from across the country, and even internationally.

“We’re noticing a trend,” said Jo Leda Martin, director of Admissions and Marketing, “of more and more academically adept students being attracted to CCU. We wanted to showcase the University and reward a few students who could truly benefit from this type of education.”

Students were invited to the inaugural World Changers Scholarship Weekend if they showcased strong academic talent, with a minimum 3.8 GPA, a 28 ACT score, and eligibility for the CCU Trustees Scholarship, normally the largest scholarship awarded each year. All students in the competition were also awarded an additional $1,000 scholarship for their participation. The event included one day of seeing what CCU had to offer: students attended chapel and classes, enjoyed a banquet, and took in an evening of entertainment on campus.

The following day, all 118 students went through half-hour interviews with faculty members. Three international students -- one from Guatemala, and two from Papua New Guinea -- connected with professors via Skype.

“It was an outstanding group of participants,” noted Derry Ebert, dean of Enrollment. “I spoke with faculty after the interviews, and many said they thought they had interviewed the top student -- which highlights how talented the entire group was. The depth of achievement and ambition was extraordinary.”

Beyond the interviews, each candidate was required to submit a portfolio -- a listing of major accomplishments, letters of recommendation, a résumé -- along with a 500-700 word essay describing how they plan to use their chosen major and career to impact the culture for Christ.

Faculty initially narrowed the list of winners to 10 students, and each of these students received an additional $1,000 scholarship -- added to their Trustee Scholarship and their scholarship for their participation in the event.

From there, faculty chose three winners. Students truly set themselves apart not so much for their academic prowess but their engagement with the world, in keeping with the spirit of the World Changers Scholarship.

“The opportunity to offer full tuition scholarships to attract highly academic students with a real desire to be world changers was truly exciting,” noted Vice President of Academic Affairs Cherri Parks, Ph.D. “Faculty created rubrics to evaluate students, and each essay and interview were graded by two faculty members. This was a rigorous and highly competitive process.

“We’re thrilled with the final three students selected for these World Changer Scholarships,” Parks continued, “and we look forward to the opportunity we have to equip them to be effective world changers.”

The three winners recently committed to attend CCU in the fall, and over 80% of attendees reported they were “very likely” to attend CCU, as well. 

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