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Weekend of Welcome

Runs from Wednesday, August 20, 3:00 PM to Sunday, August 24, 9:00 PM

New students in CCU's College of Undergraduate Studies will begin the fall semester at Colorado Christian University with a special Weekend of Welcome (WOW) from August 20-24. This new student orientation program provides students and their families with a variety of opportunities to attend helpful workshops and information sessions, and participate in social events designed to help them get connected to the CCU community.

We are excited to welcome CCU's newest members! Visit the WOW website for more information.

Parent Care

Taking Care of Yourself

During the important transition to college, parents are likely to have difficulty separating from their children. This is more prominent in families who have experienced significant life stressors, traumatic events, or loss. You may experience mixed feelings of sadness and excitement regarding your child's departure to college. In addition to missing your child and feeling concerned about your child's well-being and safety, you may have less daily responsibilities related to taking care of your child. Changes within the family structure may also be prominent, including increased responsibilities for siblings and changes in routines. It is important to spend your time productively and take care of yourself when your child goes off to college. Some tips include:
* Enjoy yourself. Explore or rediscover your own interests and new activities. By focusing on pleasurable activities and exploring your own interests, you are likely to experience an improved mood and sense of confidence and accomplishment. This also provides your child with a role model of positive coping and decreases the potential of your child feeling guilty about leaving the family home.
* Stay healthy. Even though your child has gone to college, he/she still needs you to be available to talk and to provide support and guidance. This is especially important in the beginning stages of college and if your child feels stressed or overwhelmed. Maintaining your physical and emotional health can ensure that you will have the resources necessary to support your child. Making a commitment to your health will also help you cope effectively with stressful events. Engage in healthy behavior such as eating nutritious meals, working out, and getting enough rest.
* Plan ahead. Make arrangements in advance to see your child for holidays and homecoming. Check with your child first to make sure the plans work with his or her schedule.
* Seek support. Spend time with friends and family and talk with other adults who understand what you are going through. If you are feeling overwhelmed, distressed, or upset and it is interfering with your daily functioning, consult with your physician or mental health professional.


Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Dennis Ondrejka

Professor, Director of BSN Pre-Licensure Option

Nursing and Health Sciences Division

Dr. Dennis Ondrejka serves as Director of the BSN Pre-Licensure Option where he supports the administrative needs of the Nursing and Health Sciences Division in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies. His primary focus is the building of new programs within the nursing division as well as working with faculty to strengthen the current programs. Dr. Ondrejka has over 15 years of clinical experience in emergency rooms, medical units, and in Occupational Health settings taking care of the staff or employees at General Motors, National Jewish Hospital, Children’s Hospitals, and more. Read more...

Upcoming Events



Summer Play: Rumpelstiltskin

Runs from Wednesday, August 27, 7:30 PM to Saturday, August 30, 8:30 PM
Location- CCU Music Center

This August, Colorado Christian University's School of Music will present our summer play, Rumpelstiltskin, by Chris White. The play is delightful fun for the whole family, with lots of laughs, an excellent script and an exciting chase! Read more...

New Building Dedication

Tuesday, September 2 at 11:15AM

Come join us for the dedication for the first academic building of the Lakewood Campus Redevelopment. Lunch and building tour to follow. RSVP here...

Civilizational Jihad in America: Are You Prepared?

Monday, September 08 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Centennial Institute invites you to a threat briefing by John Guandolo, our policy fellow from Washington, DC.

Adult and Graduate Information Session

Thursday, September 11 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

If you are interested in completing your undergraduate degree or earning a master's degree, please join CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS) for a free information session at one of our CAGS regional centers. Read more...