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Nathan Ullrich

Nathan  Ullrich

Business Administration
Class of 2007

While the vocational training I received at CCU was more than adequate, I would say that the relationships I gained were the most important credit gained from my time at CCU. CCU has been and will be a continuing support system as God leads my ministry. The faculty was supportive and helpful when I was attending CCU and have also continued that support as my family moves forward in serving organizations abroad. I know that a support system remains at CCU and that I can approach them time and time again not only as a brother in Christ or friend, but as a partner in ministry.

The most important thing I learned at CCU was the importance of relationships. God is a relational God and intended His church and ministry to happen in community. My interaction with faculty and friends at CCU helped me to understand that it is relationship that keeps ministry going. CCU's personal and practical education equipped me communicate effectively and identify potential in relationships. I am now part of many relationship networks that keep ministry afloat and I am also heavily dependent on my own networks to keep my family on the field. Ministry is only possible through personal relationship with Him and other believers.

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