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Dr. Chris Leland

Dr. Chris  Leland

Professor of Communication & Director of Debate
School of Humanities and Sciences

  • Ph.D. Political Communication (University of Oklahoma)
  • M.A. Communication (University of Arkansas)
  • B.A. Speech Communication & Political Science (Ripon College)


Phone: 303-963-3479

Professional Accomplishments:

Before coming to CCU, Dr. Leland served for ten years as Vice President of College Student Ministries for Focus on the Family and President of the Focus Leadership Institute. He also served as Senior Fellow for Christian Worldview Studies. Prior to that, he served as a professor of communication at Huntington College in Indiana and was awarded the 1998 Distinctive Professor of the Year honor. He previously served on the communication faculty at Wichita State University. In addition to courses taught on a variety of communication topics, from Interpersonal to Mass Communication, he has taught courses in Christian Worldview and Faith Integration.

Dr. Leland served as a speechwriter for the National Governors' Association, and has worked as a professional political consultant to local, regional, and national political campaigns. As a workshop and seminar leader, Dr. Leland makes presentations for major corporations on various topics which include: "Team Building Through Communication," "Speaking For Success," and "Communicating the Corporate Image." Corporate clients have included Johnson and Johnson, Hershey Chocolate, Wal-Mart Incorporated, Pizza Hut Incorporated, and state and local government agencies. More recently, Dr. Leland has been asked to speak about comparative worldview issues as they relate to leadership. Dr. Leland has published in a variety of areas, including articles on First Amendment issues, media impacts on society, campaign advertising, political speeches, examining the role of spiritual character as a political issue, and how Christians can best address the concerns of a postmodern culture. In the last few years his speaking talents have been called upon by colleges and universities, as a chapel/special emphasis speaker and lecturer. He has also filled the pulpits of churches, large and small, around the country.

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